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Child soldiers

Submitted by Yoda, Mar 9, 2014 20:27

In my life it has been my happy and occasionally unhappy experience to encounter a vast number of people who experienced World War II firsthand in Europe as well as in Japan, as local civilians. Among them stands out a person who was a child warrior in Montenegro; he identified proudly as Serbian, and happily potted Nazis as a kid sniper during the 1940's. He was less happy to welcome the overlordship of his fellow Slavs via Stalin after the war, and eventually migrated to Paris, and then NY. He manifested no long lasting horrors from this sniper experience; as he told it, he was taught to use a rifle as a kid to hunt for dinner anyway, and if a Nazi got in the way of his sight, so much the better. He did try to waste as few bullets as possible on the Nazis...He was protecting his family while gathering food.

I would suggest that automatically declaring that all such kids are automatically screwed psychologically is a flawed argument. Granted, my above example was not mustered into a kids' unit by force. But he acted, repeatedly, and violently, and remained proud of his service to humanity, as he saw it. Should we demean it? Should we declare it, prima facie, wrong? He went on to have a great life, raised two kids with a wonderful Croatian wife. That in itself should give some food for thought. The Croatians were allied with the Nazis during the war.


Child Soldiers

Mar 4, 2014 22:49

"You cannot be completely happy with all these wounds—both in your body and in your mind."
—15 year-old child soldier
In October of 2010 the Obama administration decided to leave countless kids stranded on some of the world's bloodiest battlegrounds. The administration stunned human rights groups by sidestepping a commitment to help countries curb the military exploitation of children. President Obama issued a presidential memorandum granting waivers from the Child Soldiers Prevention Act to four countries: Chad, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sudan and Yemen. The memo instructed Secretary of State Hilary Clinton that it is in our "national interest" to continue extending military aid to those countries, despite their failure to comply with the rules Congress passed and George W. Bush signed in 2008.
While in Iraq and Afghanistan my son, a career soldier, was so heartbroken over the plight of the children. But the great Liberal Left so tolerant and loving knows best. Excuse me while I puke.


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