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Muslims In United States

Submitted by Muna, Feb 1, 2014 15:37

I am speechless when thinking about us having knowledge of muslims coming to U.S and plot to destroy us within, and ask us to change and adapt our life to suit their islam, and we keep giving them visa to come and have all the benefits. and also giving visa to all muslims' relative that are already here to bring their families from abroad and increase their population in U.S. and declare that they will destroy U.S. within. I have read their latest declaration that" The future of Europe is Islam" and one day we will hear their declaration that " The future of U.S. will be Islam" because we keep giving visa and empower their presence in U.S. I agree that the sentence should be severe to eliminate this, because that is the right course of action that muslims understand. I lived with them and I know that this is the stance that should be taken.


Appeals Court

Submitted by A.T. Halmay, Jan 27, 2014 17:24

It would be practical and desirable to introduce new legislation that makes such appeals risky - an appeal to reduce a life sentence lost would up the sentence to death. With an increasing number of Jihadists it will become prohibitively expensive to feed them for a lifetime behind bars. How much more expedient it would be to permanently eliminate them.


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