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Real Explosives, Not Fireworks

Aug 10, 2011 19:43

I saw a presentation recently by the deputy who initiated the traffic stop. There is no question that the explosives in the trunk were the real deal. Some had already been made into rockets similar to ones used by insurgents in Iraq. They were weapons, not fireworks. Mohamed pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 15 years. The other suspect was found not guilty.


sweet suspicion!

Submitted by Matt W., Nov 8, 2010 14:14

It seems to me that the police should not have blown up the only evidence of what the maybe-fireworks were. That said, I would try to avoid speeding near a military base in South Carolina while carrying homemade model rocket engines (http://www.jamesyawn.com/rcandy/index.htm), especially if I were "suspiciously brown" or Muslim.


WE Need Balance

Submitted by Becky, Dec 21, 2008 01:35

I am a graduate student. When I first heard about this case last year, I became concerned that ethnicity and the nature of the charges might lead to a guilty verdict before the evidence was carefully examined. After the horrific September 11th attacks, many Arabs were unjustly attacked and many felt threatened. I'm sure it is very difficult to determine who are inocent and who wish to harm us! After Pearl Harbor, Japanese individuals were unfairly detained until the conclusion of World War II. Our troops commonly experience the fear of not readily knowing who the enemy is while serving our country in Iraq and Afghanistan. However, we can't stop us from securing the nation! Carrying explosives across state lines is suspicious, and I feel that ethnicity is irrelevant, and we are all accountable for our actions. Posting videos on how to create bombs on the Internet is outright dangerous and some might argue that these actions might provoke others to act on what they've seen online so one person's video on creating explosives is an international security threat given how rapidly information can be dessiminated ! I sincerely hope that the US and other countries can try cases solely on the evidence presented! We can't unjustly accuse someone of a crime without conclusive evidence, but we must reinforce the belief that all citizens and visitors, regardless of ethnicity, are accountable for their actions and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law if their actions threaten others! I hope that the conversation will shift to how we can reduce the prevalence of terrorism, unjust stereotyping, and hatred while upholding and recognizing basic rights that are embedded in our Constitution, in UN documents, and in various treaties! I feel that how we treat our enemies and suspected criminals is just as important as military and policy decisions!


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