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Good review, but a couple of important points are missing.

Submitted by Bunny Shuch, Jan 8, 2014 01:50

I've recently read An American Bride in Kabul and, for the most part, agree with Ms. Esman's review. However, she missed one important point. Chesler did not "joyously agree" to make a life in Afghanistan with her new husband. Their plan was to spend a few weeks in Kabul visiting his family, then take a world tour, followed by a return to the United States, where they would build a life together. After arriving in Kabul, however, Chesler was shocked to find out that her husband had lied to her. He had always intended for them to live in Afghanistan and had tricked her into coming, without realizing what was in store for her. Another thing that was missing from the review is that despite the family's wealth, Chesler's father-in-law kept his first wife and children in near poverty in comparison to the way in which he lived with his second and third wives. Other than that, I found the review to be excellent, as was the book. I highly recommend this book, especially to those people who tend to romanticize life in Muslim lands.


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