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Hypocracy-as usual...

Submitted by Umit SAYMAN, Dec 8, 2013 04:58

It has been over a decade PM Erdogan has come to government.

All the secular people of Turkey has forecasted these days but, unfortunately, Erdogan was injected with tremendous helps of the USA officials. This is an undeniable truth. Now whatever he has done and will be doing are all in the agenda given to him.

It has been clearly noted in the past when he showed some reluctancy in some items of his agenda and so was scolded by the masters, Erdogan's coworkers have asked for mercy and and begged "go on, use him. do not flush him into the sink".

And now, all the hypocracy of west (USA and EU) does not mean anything to me.

They altogether stole at least 30 years of my country.


On their way

Submitted by Ken, Dec 4, 2013 16:23

Turkey is drinking deeply at the Islamist Kool-Aid fountain. Their on their way down the road to radicalization, and will be a serious problem.


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