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How Do We Know Nobody Helped Plan Columbine, Sandy Hook or Navy Yard?

Submitted by Oliver Grant, Sep 25, 2013 00:07

Perhaps you are wrong, and the American mass attackers ARE just the point of a spear that was carefully planned and choreographed, and plan on being killed or arrested, they just don't leave any evidence of strings. When one plane crashes, it could be an accident. When two planes hit the towers, you don't need anymore evidence of a terrorist conspiracy. When one or two people get shot in Chicago, that's random crime. What do you call it when over 30 people random victims are shot in the open over two days and nights in two dozen locations? Is it possible somebody could be hiring "random" gangs and thugs to wreak havoc under the cover story of gang crime? The FBI and homeland security need to be asking the 4 just arrested who told them to do the shooting, and that we know the gang story is a lie.

Harvey Lee Oswald the classic lone guman obviously had lots of contacts with Russians and Cubans. We know Nidal Hasan traded e-mails with Al Qaeda fronts Anwar al-Awlaki and Revolution Muslim. The Litttle Rock recruiting station shooter WAS sent on a mission by Al Qaeda and trained in Yemen if his confession is to be believed instead of ignored. In Roseville MN a half-blind crack addict Enrico Darius Taylor just ran over 2 Army recruiters and dragged one for a mile under his jeep, yet no one in law enforcement or the media has a clue to a motive???

Why was the Columbine operation full of dozens of complex bombs and diversions, with walking around shooting people being a fallback plan? Why did the Aurora killer and Breivik craft complex plans in multiple locations using bombs and guns? How does an American black man become fluent in Thai by merely hanging out in a restaurant as a waiter?Who did he meet in Japan and Thailand, both areas where North Koreans and Muslim militants respectively operate? How does he get a job 1.5 miles from the Capitol, and who told him to leave a trail that would make people think he was going crazy before a meticulously pre-planned plot? How can we be sure the Boston bombers were acting alone? How do we know all terrorist acts aren't actually connected? The Nazis, SLA, Vietcong, Taliban, KGB, IRA, PLO, North Koreans, Japanese, Thai, Phillipines, Nigerian militants, mexican gangs, THEY ARE ALL ON THE SAME SIDE


Not all Islamic terrorists are suicide bombers

Submitted by Abigail, Sep 24, 2013 12:44

Though the impulse behind this piece is admirable, the argument remains deeply flawed. Alexis, after all, was not a bomber. To compare him to suicide bombers would indeed be ridiculous. But not every terrorist works with bombs - as the Tsarnaev brothers , Mohammed Bouyeri, and Nidal Malik Hasan, among others, have proved. Nor do the parents of every Muslim terrorist take pride, as so many Palestinian parents of suicide bombers do, in their child's "martyrdom." Moreover, mass killers in the West who happen to be radical Muslims DO on occasion act without orders from a larger group: they pick their own targets, their own methods. Alexis, in other words, may not have been a Muslim terrorist, but nothing about what he did that day -- or how he did it -- would have told you that.


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