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What Convention Does The West Want To Lose By?

Submitted by Guran Walker, Aug 27, 2013 22:03

"unconventional regime using unconventional weapons."

We need to look closely at what this is saying. The account indicates the Arabs are using methods which are acceptable among themselves. The concept of "Human Shields" does not apply. If Western funded and training mercenaries are hiding among and fighting from the midst of inhabited sectors of Damascus, any and all forces will use any and all weapons against them, regardless of banal western TV coverage of victims.
The Arabs have NOT forgotten what war is and they are fighting it.
In the West, people assume there has to be some 'PGR Rating' or the like, "Beyond which civilised nations will not step." Yeah sure. Losers always complain when they lose.
What may or may not be happening in Syria, as between also the Arabs and Israel, is not the santised play war the West wants. Real intestines ooze from real bodies and real people drown in their own vomit.
It's called War?


the rebels are who used chemical weapons

Aug 27, 2013 16:41

I"m pretty sure that ASAD did not have any reason to do that. So this strike is one of stupidest moves Hussein Obama administration do constantly


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