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Is Obama really feckless?

Submitted by Lawrence, May 26, 2014 14:43

One point raised in several places in the article is that "...Seen from this part of the world, where existential terrorist threats proliferate every day, the Obama administration has been exposed as hesitant, delusional and indecisive in the face of America's regional challenges."

If each decision of Obama was not related to any other decision then there is great deal of credibility that he is hesitant and feckless.

For example, the fact that Obama condemns the Egyptian provisional government and then does not carry through by withdrawing economic aid is not a sign that he is feckless. It is a sign that he is hesitant because the political fallout in this country might be too strong.

But the contours of the policy he wants is quite obvious. And equally obvious it is that he will govern with that policy as much as is practicable.

His pushing Israel to go back to the l948 borders, his support for every BDS group, and that there actually might be more Muslim Brotherhood officials in his administration than there are Americans, his refusal to stop CAIR, his support for the Arab Spring all point to his policy.

In his support for the Arab Spring he knew full well he was working to strengthen the Muslim Brotherhood. And when the Morsi government was booted and the Muslim Brotherhood turned up the violence he never expressed even a scintilla of doubt about his support for the Muslim Brotherhood.

And then he did the same thing in Libya except there he actively armed Al Queada.

He does all that is practicable to do. That he can do some of it and not everything is not the issue.


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