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Hezbollah have good relations with Christian FPM in Lebanon: who is killing Christians and supporting al-Qaeda?

Submitted by Lee Jay Walker, Jul 23, 2013 18:45

Hello, this amazingly biased article negates to state that leaders within the FSA openly support and fight side-by-side with al-Qaeda affiliates like al-Nusra (sometimes they kill each other also over the spoils of war). Therefore, if the Investigative Project on Terrorism is against al-Qaeda and is highlighting anti-Christian realities under the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt - then what happened?

Also, when Qusayr was retaken by the Syrian armed forces and Hezbollah, the defiled Christian church done by forces supported by Gulf and Western states was re-consecrated. Of course, the author knows full well that it is anti-Syrian government forces which have kidnapped Christian bishops, killed priests and cleansed Christians and other minorities like the Alawites and Shia. One young Christian girl was forced to marry 15 different Sunni Islamists until she went crazy and was killed. Therefore, these so-called "rebels" openly behead while praising Allah and yes, they are supported by Saudi Arabia which is spreading Takfiri and Salafi versions of Islam alongside Qatar.

In Lebanon the Hezbollah organization and the Free Patriotic Movement (FPM) which is overwhelmingly Christian have very good relations. Michel Aoun in Lebanon, just like all leading Christian leaders in Syria, is alarmed by the Gulf and Western backed Takfiris.

How is it that Christians in Lebanon have strong political ties with Hezbollah and that in Syria the minority Christian community is protected by the Syrian armed forces - yet, the FSA and al-Qaeda terrorist groups openly persecute and cleanse all minorities? If this current reality is false, then someone should tell that to leading Christian bishops in Lebanon and Syria.

Also, turning closer to home then obviously September 11 was done by Sunni Islamist terrorists just like the recent Boston reality and Benghazi were done by individuals who follow the same sect. Are the FBI in America and Homeland Security really worried about radical Shia groups - or, are they worried about Sunni Islamist militants?

The same applies to the United Kingdom because the London bombing and the brutal murder of Lee Rigby were done by Sunni Islamist militants.


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