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Re. Take That you Islamophobes...

Submitted by al Kidya, Jun 4, 2013 11:59

Abe, you are so mistaken. The Jews and Christians under the Ottomans were looked upon as being worse than donkeys. They paid enormous sums of money for jizya payments and if they didn't pay their shops were burnt to the ground or their families killed. They had no choice. If they wanted to build a Church or a Synagogue they could not build one more than one story high. Their houses could not be higher than Muslim houses. Most cases they lived in ghettos. Those dhimmis who paid the jizya in full were usually wealthy and respected members of the Jewish society and were welcomed by their Muslim masters because they bent to their masters' whims. Islam and Naziism go hand in hand. Perhaps that is why Hiler named his book "Mein Kampf" .."My Struggle"...it means the same thing as "Jihad". And both Muslim and Nazi hate a common enemy...the Jews. BTW...you have no right to bear the name Abe Linkin. It sounds to much like Abe Lincoln...a good man.


Turkish government does not allowed allocation of fund for church restoration.

Submitted by Muna, May 28, 2013 20:39

Has any one investigate, why Turkish government does not permit any fund for church restoration in Turkey. Churches in turkey are old and start crumbling and no body can ask for government fund for restoration. because it is becoming law that churches has no allocation from government, and churches should depend on donation of wealthy christian, or from United States Christian donation to survive. It is inexplicable why we keep building mosques in United States, where in these islamic countries do not provide minimum required for survival of our churches. I lived in Turkey for five years and I have experienced how Christian volunteer to clean the church, and even if there are members assigned to take care of the church, they are paid of United States Christian donations.


Take that you Islamophobes

Submitted by abe linkin, May 25, 2013 07:38

The Jewish people had it best under a Turkish empire, it can't be said the other way around, enough said :) Peace...


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