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Global Jihad

Submitted by Linda Q, May 9, 2013 09:09

Azzam's trademark slogan was "Jihad and the rifle alone: no negotiations, no conferences and no dialogues."

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They're lying for the President! We have a major infiltration of foreign Nationals who work directly with the Pentagon and CIA. All you have to do is look at Ahmed Wali Karzai? He worked for the CIA until his assassination a few years ago by his Chief of security. This tell me Christopher Stevens was set up to by an inside job! Obama is the Chief Terrorist. He's an evil man and I think we saw a snippet of it yesterday. He wasn't even a mention but in our hearts we "knew" he was the one who gave the "stand down" order. Rand Paul questioned Hillary at the first hearing about the gun running to Syria via Turkey and she blatantly lied about it!! We need to follow the money! HSBC, we "know" was the money launder of terrorist and drug cartels monies. We know that the Holder and Obama have a history of gun running with drug cartels in Mexico with Fast & Furious. We know that Obama and Morsi are Muslim Brothers. We know that Obama is the organizer behind the Arab Spring with the help of Saudi Arabia and CAIR, OIS etc. We know that the Boston bomber suspect al-Harbli 212-3b was cleared by the Obama to fly back to Saudi Arabia. Why didn't we capture and interrogate Anwar Al awlaki ? He was the biggest reason for the youth movement in global Jihad. He was born in America and highly intellectual and computer savvy. I truly believe Obama and Saudi Arabia have colluded to get rid of anyone that could implicate their involvement of One World Order. Obama is in bed with terrorism and he's got global Jihad and Agenda 21 are the goal here... Anwar Al awlaki mentor's the late Abdullah Yusef Azzam was a Palestinian Sunni Islamic Scholar who graduated with honors from the University of Damascus in Syria(hmm...) Are the Russians involved? This is the quote that Azzam is remembered for:

Azzam's trademark slogan was "Jihad and the rifle alone: no negotiations, no conferences and no dialogues."


Hillary off the hook?

Submitted by Edward Cline, May 8, 2013 22:00

It will be unfortunate and a blow to justice if Hillary Clinton and Obama are not implicated. Everything happened on their watch. They should take responsibility and be penalized for their roles.


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