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The Brotherhood Under Any Other Name

Submitted by Edward Cline, May 7, 2013 16:47

All sects of Islam will unite to fight and destroy the West. That's been proven over and over again. When a global caliphate is established, then they'll turn on each other in their own religious wars. At least, that is the unspoken premise behind the blandishments of the Brotherhood and the Salafis and other sects of Islam. However, one statement in this otherwise informative article troubles me:

"…he openly threatened Egypt's Christian minority with genocide."

I don't know if that's IPT's semantic error, or Wagdi Ghoneim's. If Egypt's Christian minority is largely "Egyptian," how can it be threatened with "genocide"? Shouldn't the term be something like "religocide" or "religious cleansing"? Is there a specific term for extinguishing the membership of a religious group when it is of same ethnic group (assuming Egyptians can be legitimately deemed of the same ethnic group, as Indian Hindus and Muslims are)?


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