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Submitted by Constance, Apr 23, 2013 13:36

Read some REAL History! WHY did we have the Crusades??

Tamerlane("Timur the Lame") (1336-1405), the bloody Conqueror of Central Asia,was probably a member of the Naqshbandi Sufi sect of Islam. (e.g. Chechnya)

Source : P.156 of "The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam and the Crusades ~Robert Spencer


Some random thoughts

Submitted by Homer, Apr 22, 2013 21:14

In my opinion none of these terrorists acts are about religion, that is just an excuse. The real reason these terrorist acts are committed is due to money and oil. As long as the US depends on Middle East oil, the bombings and terror will continue. The US cannot afford to be cut off from Middle East oil, since we elect not to drill in this country, the Arabs have us by the balls.

Secondly, how did these two brothers afford rent, fancy cars, pot, expensive cloths, college tuition, boxing lessons etc...? As far as I know they did not work, so follow the money and you will find the mastermind behind these Boston bombings. Since 911 our borders have continued to be wide open, these terrorist have been flooding into this country for many years, they probably have cells in every major and small city in this country. They are just sitting back waiting to hit us again.

What ever happened to that Saudi national who was picked up sent to the hospital, and then Obama had a secret meeting in the White House, was he deported? This guy came from a wealthy Saudi family, he was probably the money man, and the 2 brothers were the bag men.


Religious Fervor or Bad Video Game Plot?

Submitted by Boudeca, Apr 21, 2013 09:58

Anyone who listens to radical muslims describe their beliefs about the Mahdi have to acknowledge this sounds like a gamer's plot for the next big phenom.

In some way, this may help to put a stop to S. 744, which should be retitled, "The Open Borders, Free Money to Foreigners and Screw Americans First Bill". I suggest people call their senators immediately to tell them they will be watching and if their senators support this invitation to not just jihadis, but to every piece of scum on the planet, including people who are just as likely to kill your kids with drugs as jihad, we'll be the ones with the pressure cookers.


Unimaginable evil

Submitted by P. Balasubramanian, Apr 20, 2013 12:40

I agree with the comments made by Rebecca. President Obama, has of late, losing his verve to fight Islamic Fundamentalists (though they are not in great numbers) both in America and worldwide.


getting rid of terrorist groups in America

Submitted by Paul, Apr 19, 2013 22:08

Keep these crazy people out of our country and stop letting them in, 911 should had told the government that, what are we stupid

It was 2012 when this Chechen group came, America has to close their doors to immagation, because the world has change and these different people are bring terror to America


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Apr 20, 2013 12:40

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Apr 19, 2013 18:19

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