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I have never accussed the U.S as being a Christian nation.

Submitted by Jason, Mar 29, 2013 02:30

This does not surprise me at all. Any president Obama or Bush is about much of a Christian has hindu priest is. The United States is not a Christian nation and if they ever were it has not been in a long time. Fact is Western Christians for most part are "lazy" and have never been challenged like other Christians worldwide. Are leaders are lazy also, a real Christian president or leader would speak about this and take some action...


Not new news

Submitted by Geppetto, Mar 28, 2013 18:02

This has been going on for quite some time, only more blatant, frequent and violent since the so called "Arab Spring" was welcomed by the clueless West as a move towards democracy in the Middle East. It was, as it has been for a long time, predicted by the so called "Islamophobes," a move towards the Islamization of the entire Middle East and beyond. Ultimately a global caliphate.

The West remains clueless and the "Islamophobes" continue to be attacked from every corner, egged on by Muslim Brotherhood front groups that are heavily engaged and deeply rooted in Western society. I suspect, purely from considering the vagaries of human nature, that the majority in the West have been successfully programmed by these Islamic groups, CAIR, ISNA, MSA, MAS, etc. to join with them in their fanatical condemnation of all who are critical of any aspect of Islam or its roots or be vilified, reviled and labeled Islamophobes and likely dragged into court to defend themselves against charges of "racism, bigotry and hate speech." Some of Islam's and its prophet, Mohammad's critics have been murdered or forced into seclusion by Muslim members of the so called "religion of peace," an act encouraged and approved by the tenets of their faith.

In more civilized, less indoctrinated climes the preferred tactic is "Lawfare," very expensive to confront, so potentially ruinous as to be very intimidating and if the Islamists ensconced in the West have their way, "Hate Speech," despite the 1st amendment guarantee of the freedom of speech, will in fact become the law of the land, perhaps globally if the United Nations gets its way. And that will be the West's ultimate downfall.

This is a global movement to force civilization backward centuries to a time when these religious fanatics were powerful and comfortable in what can only be considered a theocratic, ignorant, male dominated society grounded in a religious text purported to be the immutable word of Allah, their version of God. They know they cannot win this unconventional war with the weaponry they've been able to extort from the West. Their strategy is to keep the West in its current state of stupor and denial until victory can be achieved without firing a shot where the response could result in their resounding defeat. Their success to date indicates that they do not see that this is not achievable. The West is being carefully groomed to cooperate and become an integral participant in their own defeat.


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