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the lack of any shame in the Islamic world about cultural destruction is the root of the problem

Submitted by Eric L, Mar 27, 2013 09:25

Provided the Islamic masses remain silent about massive violations of basic human rights by Muslim clerics, they will never achieve to secure those very same rights it took the West hundreds of years to achieve. The Muslim leaders simply keep sectarian hatred and racism alive to keep themselves in power; to the detriment of Islam, all mankind's heritage and objective historical truth. Will Islam survive? (Perhaps, but with the fall of modern civilization.) Will it preserve the honor of Monotheism and God given human rights? (not without major changes and a major enlightenment period-much like what happened with Christianity bottoming out during the Crusades and Spanish Inquisition to finally grow up and enter enlightenment and gave all people secular freedoms that ALL human being are entitled too (i.e. freedom of religion; no matter one's past).


The Saudis feel safe

Submitted by Ali H. Alyami, Mar 25, 2013 15:51

As long as the West guarantees the Saudi absolute autocratic and theocratic ruling dynasties safety and territorial security, they will do whatever they want and get away with it.


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