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Social Media Overuse - Where are sources?

Submitted by Concerned., Apr 30, 2016 18:26

Many members of the conservative movement are utilizing images and excerpts from this article and others from the IPT to convey a message that Muslim Brotherhood members have "penetrated" the White House. It would be great to have a source, or at least a 3rd-party fact-check of this article and others on this website, as they rarely cite sources and may not stick to the facts. I hope articles like these are factual and not merely "scare tactics" used by republicans and racists alike.


H.R.5194 - Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act of 2014

Submitted by Frank Livingston, Aug 31, 2014 11:52

Did your House member co-sponsor H.R.5194 - Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act of 2014 and advocate the passage of this bill? https://beta.congress.gov/bill/113th-congress/house-bill/5194

Is Obama using the Muslim Brotherhood to form a global caliphate, an Ummah or are they using him to do so? Either way, it is happening and it is setting him up for his next goal in life and that is to serve as a UN SecGen so he can rule the world under Shariah/Islamic law. Think not, why did he push for UN Resolution 16/18 that places Shariah/Islamic law above our First Amendment? Go to YouTube and watch The Organization of Islamic Cooperation and its Role in Enforcing Islamic Law https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jvP6IZ17X98


fact checking the Egyptian article?

Submitted by Bill, Mar 9, 2013 22:52

Has an American organization done fact checking on th is?I think t hat's important since we are looking at an Egyptian publication.


America ha got topay attention

Submitted by Gene, Jan 11, 2013 21:08

America has got to pay attention to what is ocurring n thier own nation. People have gone to sleep at the switch. But I was paying attention when 2 Generals were removed (or blackmailed). The militaryis supposed to make sure these things d not happen. Also Michelle Bauchman deserves an apology she was the first politician to bring this to national attention. Why isn't anything being done concerning the infiltration of this nation. We have been talking about this for some time. Apathy is not a solution.


who are they talking about?

Submitted by mike, Jan 8, 2013 12:12

The article dedicates numerous paragraphs of biography before identifying the person.

Is anyone else having trouble figuring out who they are talking about?


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Social Media Overuse - Where are sources? [84 words]


Apr 30, 2016 18:26

H.R.5194 - Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act of 2014 [114 words]

Frank Livingston 

Aug 31, 2014 11:52

fact checking the Egyptian article? [22 words]


Mar 9, 2013 22:52

America ha got topay attention [87 words]


Jan 11, 2013 21:08

who are they talking about? [23 words]


Jan 8, 2013 12:12

All that evil ever needs to triumph is for good men to nothing. [59 words]

Ayatollah Ghilmeini 

Jan 8, 2013 11:58

The question answered [46 words]


Jan 8, 2013 11:49

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