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Dec 9, 2012 06:09





Retaking Gaza the only solution

Submitted by Edward Cline, Dec 3, 2012 17:58

Thank you, IPT, for this concise rundown and context –establishing report on the Israeli predicament. I call it a predicament because it is of Israel's own making. It believes that short-term "cease fires" or "hudnas" will buy it time to rally its own forces and morale. It believes that compromise with its dedicated and determined enemies will alleviate each new crisis. It believes that evil can be bargained with. It believes that surrendering territory to its enemies will placate those enemies. Hamas, Iran, Egypt, all of Israel's enemies, are deliberately waging a war of death by a thousand cuts on Israel, but Israel believes it can survive this brutal and sadistic hemophilia and sustain its existence. And every time it compromises, every time it grants concessions to its mortal enemies, it loses, and makes extracting itself from the predicament inexorably worse and supremely difficult to resolve. I see no solution to the problem except to stop sending it food and the like (point no. 7 is the most bizarre "humanitarian" aid I have ever witnessed), retake Gaza, extinguish Hamas and the P.A., never mind the collateral casualties among Palestinians (do you really think these same Palestinians would treat Israeli civilians with courtesy and humanity, were they to occupy Tel Aviv – please, don't make me laugh), and secure that border permanently. This might entail having to fight Egypt and wiping out Iran's nuclear and conventional capabilities. This might make Obama and the other Israel-haters upset. There is no substitute for victory. Hamas's strategists know this. Israel's apparently don't. What a shame.


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