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Why shoudl we give a damn about Palestinian casualties?

Submitted by Edward Cline, Nov 19, 2012 20:09

I'm really growing tired of hearing about how Israel is going to great pains to avoid Palestinian or Gazan casualties. And I'm growing tired of sites like this one trying to expose the lies and deliberate killings by Hamas and the Palestinians. That's fine, but what does it accomplish? No one should give a damn about the Palestinians. They don't give a damn about Israeli civilians killed. In fact, they dance in the streets and pass out candy when it's a really big hit. They made their bed with Hamas and the PLO and whatever other anti-Israel terrorist group is there. The "civilians" there can take the hits, too. Why should Israel care what the rest of the world thinks? No matter what the Israelis do, they get the short end. Hamas is deliberately targeting Israeli civilians. And, as this article reveals, are deliberately causing casualties to create the impression that Israel is massacring "poor, innocent" civilians. Well, they're not so innocent.

Israel should shoot back at Hamas, and if civilians get creamed, so what? The U.S. learned the lesson the hard way in Vietnam: You don't fight the enemy on the enemy's terms; else, you lose. Israel should fight to win a war, not to win an "image" contest. If that means flattening half or all of Gaza, tough. We really shouldn't give a damn. Israel, the only secular, civilized state in the Mideast, is fighting for its life. And, please, no one reprimand me with talk about "other considerations" or a "diplomatic solution" or the like. Sixty-five years of "negotiating" with the Arabs and reaching pointless deals with them has only made the situation worse.


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