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What a dangerous fool.

Submitted by Leah, Nov 1, 2012 22:59

Zionism is creepy? Creepy? Is she fooling herself? Personally, there is nothing more creepy than a people so sadistic that it cuts out the female sensual /sexual area of it's women with either a rusty razor blade or does it "professionally" in one of their hospitals and then measures the width with a match stick so that they cannot even relieve their bladders like a normal human being.....Apparently Ms. Sarsour does not find THAT to be creepy..

Neither does she find creepy, the practice of "honor killings."


Narrative of Perpetual Palestinian Victimhood

Submitted by Wallace Brand, Nov 1, 2012 18:00

Sounds to me as if she were reciting the Narrative of Perpetual Palestinian Victimhood. "Poetic truths like that are marvelous because no facts and no reason can ever penetrate. Supporters of Israel are up against a poetic truth. We keep hitting it with all the facts. We keep hitting it with obvious logic and reason. And we are so obvious and conspicuously right that we assume it is going to have an impact and it never does."



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