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Leaderless resistance

Submitted by Philip Henika, Sep 13, 2012 12:26

Leaderless resistance is the probable modus operandi re: the formation of small groups which operate independently and which have an esoteric agenda and specific targets. The CIA, for example, estimated that there were over 20 different groups in operation during the Iraq War to various extent but each group had different agendas and different targets. Leaderless resistance can be found everywhere these days and so I would like know if bob54 agrees or not with this assessment. Perhaps if he does agree he will retreat from condescension. Perhaps if laisa agrees then she will retreat from condescension. Once condescension is removed then perhaps we get to understanding why extremism succeeds with such alarming consequences as 9/11 whereas, in the past, extremism would raise its head and then fizzle out.


Lying Commenter

Submitted by bob54, Sep 11, 2012 20:12

The comment "Copts inside Egypt," from Laisa is simply absurd.

"ALL" Copts against Mubarak? Really? So why were the Islamists attacking the Copts when they came out in large numbers voting for Mubarak's Ahmed Shafik?

And "better a Muslim than a protestant" in marriages? Really? You obviously don't know the first thing about Egypt or Copts...who would marry any denominational Christian in a heart beat over a Muslim.

The best way to know this Laisa is a troll with an agenda is the fact that the article written by Mr Ibrahim doesn't even once mention Copts! It's about Christians in Iran and Pakistan.

Go grind your axe elsewhere.



Submitted by laisa, Sep 11, 2012 05:08

Mr Raymond Ibrahim thinks like a intelligent, open minded Christian LIVING OUTSIDE EFYPT...

BUT , does he know ( sure he must know...), that Copts in Egypt are ALL against Mubarak, went to Tahrir with the muslims and applauded to his fall????

Does he know that they hate Israel and are brainwashed even from the Church against it and told ' better a muslim than a protestant...' if they want to marry outside the Coptic church???

At all levels...THEY DO NOT RECOGNISE until to day that Hosni Mubarak was the best chance for them to survive....'from the fry-pan into the fire' wrote a journalist in the days of the revolution on Masly el Youm... ( the article was than deleted....)

I admire your intelligence and culture Mr Ibrahim...PITY that INSIDE EGYPT there is MAYBE only 0,00001% of Copts thinking like you.


Christian prosecutions & murder.

Submitted by eddy, Sep 11, 2012 01:50

Those people who kill in the name of their religon & their weak god, are noting but cowerds & their god is as weak as them because he can't protect himself.


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