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Submitted by Naser Hekmat, Nov 30, 2015 12:58

At the beginning of this comment I should mention that my English is not very good and therefore I apologize in advance for any mistakes I might have but I hope I can clearly make myself understood.

Hejab is said (by many Mullah in Iran at least where I come form and I heard and read many times) to prevent men from getting sexually agitated. In this chauvinistic view of women, men in the society should be immune from getting sexually agitated which it (from Mullah's view in Iran) potentially could result in immorality. By their definition men and women are should be apart from each other so they don't get in trouble by their sexual desires. and some Ayatollah (Mullah) go as far to say women voice should not be heard by any man but their husband or father and brother. Mullah's in power in Iran have taken actions to make sure this won't happen. For instance, they have separated boys and girls at schools, men and women in public buses and women are not allowed to watch a game in stadiums.

For those who know the Iran's history, they probably remember that Iran before the 1979 was westernized. And just like west, women were free not to wear Hejab. After 1979 however, when Mullahs took power in Iran; they forced women into wearing Hejab and send their thugs to spray acid into face of women who don't obey. Some women's future ruined simply because didn't like Hejab.

In Today's Iran, there is special police force to make sure women wear Hejab. not only that but also to wear Hejab according to Islamic Regime so called "Dress Code." In Iran we are facing a phenomenon that is called gender apartheid. Even any woman foreign politician who visits Iran is forced to cover their head and Iranian men politician are not allowed to hand shake with women politicians in other countries when they visit.

Unfortunately in the west specially politicians don't seem to completely understand Hejab. Foreign politicians wear Hejab when visit Iran as a respect to this so called "Culture." In fact what they respect is not culture but women oppression and gender apartheid.

I think and believe that wearing Hejab is continuing the same gender apartheid existing in Islam. Hejab is not about freedom of dress and cloths. I know that people are free to wear what they like but we should know that Hejab is the symbol of gender apartheid. A Muslim women cover themselves because they think they must cover their hairs and body from being seen by men. Simply because Islam said so although it is not in the Koran.

Women should not be seen in public without their Hejab. and not allowed to come to public again without Hejab according to vast majority of Mullahs in Iran. In that sense off course it is a "Liberation" because otherwise a woman should stay at home. Maybe that what she meant by "Liberation."

We cannot criticize hejab without criticizing religion in general because when you stop thinking and start only believing, one must follow his/her believes; in this case wearing Hejab. Although in other religions we see the same believes practiced For instance, growing beards in Hindu Sikhs or Catholic priest and nuns uniforms. What makes it very different however is that targets half a population on the earth which are women.


you go to be kidding

Submitted by Billy Derka, Feb 15, 2013 22:21

Who is their "right' be associated with this delusion. Go figure. Well do you remember The Jones Tragedy same mindset applies. Lost minds.


Inaccurate statistics and attention getting devices.

Submitted by Kirk, Sep 12, 2012 01:23

I would seriously question the authors assertion that 4 times as many women convert to Islam as men. The author is condemning Islamic propaganda, but this statistic is itself Islamic propaganda.

As far as why some Western women decide to wear the hijab, I would argue that it is an attention seeking device. They are not trying to be modest at all. Just the opposite actually. They are trying to bring attention to themselves and then self-righteously condemn anyone questioning their choice of head-dress.


Being paid to wear a hijab

Submitted by Geo, Sep 2, 2012 10:17

In France, women are being paid the equivalent of $100 monthly to wear a hijab. A very attractive proposition for many women who are empoverished and enemployed.


Hijab is the new Punk Rocker Mohawk

Aug 24, 2012 08:02

Always thought the hijab is used by "muslim" youth the same way punk rockers used the Pink/Blue/Green/Red Colored Mohawk hairstyle. "I'm not like you, I'm different, look at me" fits the attitude perfectly.


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