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Nov 23, 2012 00:29

And uh.. what would you expect to happen in the end times?


obama's silence has precedents

Submitted by michael, Aug 19, 2012 10:04

While the media has talked about the holocaust deniers at great length, it has been curiously silent in discussing the impact of Islam on non-Muslims. This silence is not new. Once the Armenian, Assyrian Christian, Nestorian Christian and Pontic and Thracian Greek genocides were complete, Europe slipped back into a stupor, and forgot that Turkish ascendancy had only been ended by the Balkan War of 1912. The genocides, pogroms and slavery of the past 550 years was ignored.

Part of this bias was due to the anti-Catholic hostility of the English ruling class, which could not accept the role of the Papacy in defending Europe for 500 years. To continue their enslavement of the Irish Catholics, they had to deny that Catholic Europe had contributed to civilization and their freedoms.

For the French, the issue was somewhat different. Challenging the Hapsburg ascendancy, they were willing to permit Turkish depredations into southern and eastern Europe and salved their conscience with military advances into the Spanish Netherlands and the Rhineland and a few euphemisms about the Christians of Lebanon.

The French and Communist revolutions changed the circumstances only for the worse, as malign neglect was replaced by an actual hostility to Christianity. Why, if you were killing priests and defiling churches at home, would you then want to defend Christianity in foreign lands.

And then there was the devils bargain of sacrificing one's morality for a soupcon of power. The British and the French supported the Turks against the Russians in order to deny the Russians any access to the Mediterranean. The deaths of Christians in the Balkans and elsewhere was incidental to this process and an acceptable price for others to bear.

Today, the process continues. The anti-Christian elites, who hate Christianity because it imposes a moral code that challenges their egotism, pride and avarice seek to impose a moral system that is man based, and which blows in the wind like thistledown, subject to the vagaries of the moment.. The circumstances of this new moral order are different, however, in that now the elites are willing to sacrifice their own citizens even as they ignore the plight of Christians worldwide. Betrayal has come full circle.


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