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depends on point of view

Submitted by Scott, Apr 17, 2012 23:25

The awarding of this funding will assist a people that need assistance and are of a war torn area. Israel is the aggressor and should move back its settlements to previous 1950's borders.

Any country that seeks to expand its land by taking over another is an aggressor, Israel have a very powerful military force which include nuclear weapons. They are seeking to expand their borders and settle in another area they have built a wall, they push out the palestinian people, they limit access and have strict controls on palestinian people.

I believe Hillary Clinton is very smart, and is looking at things from perhaps a different perspective. Perhaps we need more people to look at things from a different perspective.

We should not blindly follow like sheep, we need to be the wolf that sits and watches the sheep, to look from the outside in. judging, protecting, hearding...Then when WE feel the need WE will eat, the sheep will know nothing.

We should not blindly follow Israel, we need to look at the whole situation, and resource appropriately, on the basis of all information and risk analysis. Assisting those who need it, freedom from oppression. Israel taking land, building a wall restricting movement etc is oppressive of another country.

(Wanting "living room" reminds me of another country in Europe some time ago,)

There are too many powerbrokers in the United States that are driven to protect the interests of Israel. But I ask at what cost? and are these our interests?

Will this payment give us the leaverage to be more infuencial within arab state politics, will this show good will towards all people and ensure our impartiality?

I think there are many more reasons why this was approved, to think its just about hamas, support of terrorists, you have blinkers on and do not understand the deeper reasons behind negotiations and international politics...look at a different perspective.

Just asking people to stop and think, look at a bigger picture.


Regarding Hillary Clintons decision to fund Hamas

Submitted by Beatrice Singer, Apr 14, 2012 18:16

I think it is disgusting to award that kind of money to an organization that is trying to destroy Israel and America. On one hand we are fighting terror, and on the other hand we are gifting them, like they are our best friends. Hillary needs to advise Chelsea to have a baby, which will be her half jewish grandchild and retire from politics. She is getting a bit "uberbottled.


Clinton's inconsistencies

Submitted by Mickey Oberman, Apr 14, 2012 18:11

When has Clinton ever been consistent?

She will say something one day and the opposite two days later.

What she says depends upon who constitutes her audience and/or the circumstances at the moment.

She is as trustworthy as her boss.


Hillary is very consistent: in 1995 she invited Hamas at the White House Prayer.

Apr 13, 2012 13:20

Nothing new on her part.


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