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Submitted by Patrick Dunleavy, Apr 22, 2013 10:38

PMH Dayton, I appreciate your assessment of the Boston Bomber Brothers. Why the main stream media continues to use this terminology in an attempt to explain a terrorist's action is beyond me. It not only confuses the American public but it alleviates responsibility to those individuals who in some way, either by word or deed, assisted the Tsarnaev brothers down the road to becoming radical Islamic jihadists. They were not "self-radicalized". Radicalization is a process that involves internal as well as external factors.

Sincerely, Patrick Dunleavy


Self-radicalized Boston suspects???

Submitted by PMH Dayton, Apr 20, 2013 23:14

Thank you for this reasoned explanation. As CBS started to call the notorious bombing brothers "self-radicalized", I was astounded. Lone wolf terrorists, an example that could be the Newtown shooter(who certainly did cause terror), was not "self-radicalized" he was insane from inadequate treatment, liberal, lack of judgement parenting and feeding on Hollywood produced violent media. But calling two Chechen brothers, one of whom traveled to his homeland, under the radar for a magic six months, after attending a mosque and hearing who-knows-what messages from an imam,was ABSOLUTELY NOT self-radicalized. He was radicalized by people involved in jihad.We now know the mother was told what she should or should not do to run her business by an imam. If the mother's life was so influenced, what happened to her sons? Self-radicalization is a made-up liberal word to protect the network of educating and promulgating Islamic terrorists. I want it removed from the lexicon. It is a misnomer, as you have succinctly and correctly explained. Thank you for being a voice of reason.


Re: comments on the article on Thoughts about Radicaluzation

Apr 6, 2012 13:18

Excellent essay; well thought out and explained.


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