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Frightening Statistics

Submitted by Ronnie G., Jan 13, 2012 15:09

I heard Mr. Emerson this morning on 970am radio here in New York. He makes a most convincing case against the infiltration of radical Islam into this country as well as the dangerous threat that Iran poses. I can only hope and pray that our next President (not Obama) will stem the tide of illegal immigration as well as legal immigration into this country. He stated that not only is this administration aware of, but they are complicit with the dealings of the Muslim Brotherhood. An organization that aligned itself with Hitler during WWII. Does it get any more frightening than that?


smuggling Iranians

Submitted by Thomas Wells, Dec 29, 2011 19:47

Estimate the number of Iranian and other jihadist group members into the USA from our southern boarder. Add their luggage such as biochemical,biological,and nuclear equipment. Also add the number of jihadists coming in through educational visas to study these areas at our universities and laboratories. Then add the special business visas and the regular visas. The sum of all this is an army already in place in America,with access to maps,airplanes,vehicles,reconniassance,weapons of mass destruction / small arms, and the knowledge of where to easily obtain the ingrediants for poison gases ,explosives,the release of radioisotopes, and ways to serious damage our electrical grid. If you are not a tad paranoid,you are not paying attention.


Islam, the Peaceful Religion

Submitted by Peter Pumpkin Eater, Dec 28, 2011 21:21

Those Islamists, always putting the peaceful word of "God" first! lol