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Submitted by john, Dec 29, 2011 11:45

if freedom of speech protects him, and he can preach all this with impunity..does that mean i as a christian can say i will take up my gun and sword and destroy the indoctrinated brain washed misogyinistic fanatics, who fear education..and freedom of speech..as this exposes them to the light of reason..and truth..if they can call for my death..i can call for theirs..when are the leaders going to man up and return these people to where they belong..there will never be peace..there never has been peace..the russians lost 50,000 men fighting these cave men..seems to me great britain and the usa will not be happy, until they to have lost as many..pull out..leave them to their tent wars..


And yet.....

Submitted by David Barry O'Connor, Dec 27, 2011 18:32

And yet..... There's not even a peep from the Greater Boston academic or religious community; let alone those apparati that once served in the filed of counter-subversion.

"Had his mother been in Siddiqui's shoes, "she would have took (sic) her West Indian machete and cut her way through those kafirs [unbelievers].""; leaves on wondering about two things; whho raised this fanatic; and was his "West Indian" mother Muslim?

In the Eighties, Steve Emerson IPT was only heard and heeded by a few of us. And today, we still stumbling along in, not only, willful blindness, but selective deafness.


thinking loud

Dec 22, 2011 11:39

Who gave entry visas for this terrorists?


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