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Senator is Selling us out!!

Submitted by Ceethru, Jan 8, 2012 18:40

John kerry has no shame...to meet and kiss up to the M.B. is nothing less than treasonous. He plays the role of a patsy, facilitating/supporting an Islamofascist agenda-that of a one world Caliphate dispensing Barbaric Sharia Law over ALL peoples. It, (Egypt) is but a domino in the Middle East.

Whatever mask the M.B. wears, (for the present), it will continue to pursue Global JIHAD through "Stealth" or "Civilization Jihad". The Time frame may vary from Islamic group to group, yet the end game/goal is identical. For Kerry to bestow any recognition or undeserved status to the M.B. is nothing more than Appeasement in its most pathetic form. The Muslim Brotherhood remains a dangerous tiger to the Free World; it is hardly a "Local ", Egypt only issue. Shame on you Senator, for enabling the advancement of those forces that ultimately maintain the goal of destroying Western Civilization as we know it--all in the guise of Democracy! C.O.L! Cry out Loud!!!!


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