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Blaming the Victims

Submitted by Irit, Sep 17, 2011 18:32

a s is a typical Islamic thug. Not content with demonizing, dehumanizing, bullying and physically assaulting innocent Jews, especially women and children, he wants to blame his disgusting behavior on his victims.

Get help, a s. There are many excellent Jewish psychiatrists who can provide needed therapy for you.


shame on the pro-Israel lobby!

Submitted by a s, Sep 17, 2011 11:31

There is no context to this article, these students who are filing complaints are not interested (more in political opposition) of the cause that SJP or MSA are advocating for: End Israeli Apartheid. The pro-Israel lobby just wants groups like SJP and MSA to be silenced, censored and banned - so crying wolf constantly is what they do across all campuses in North America and Euopre. It just shows who really is violent (systematically) - the pro-Israel lobby - who is suing because of isolated incidents of altercations between person to person. Isnt that what "democracy" and "education" is about, divergence of thought? Because UC-Berkeley campus is allegedly not safe spaces for supporters of war criminals (Netanyahu) and apartheid states (Israel), then the campus is not "safe". Actually - it seems to be quite safe and respectful of human rights law. What a crazy society! A minority of people with ill-interests is trying to dominate the majorities freedom of speech by labelling them as unsafe. Whats unsafe and threatening to campuses is the pro-Israel lobby creating lawsuits to ban groups that speak truth to power. If the pro-Israel lobby runs these universities, then education is even more compromised. SHAME!



Submitted by Israel, Aug 14, 2011 20:32

Mark Yudoff is married to Judy Yudoff a past president of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism. I know that they maintain a kosher house and that Judy worked for Jewish issues from Texas to Minnesota to California and nationally as well. I think Mark is the President of the University of California, not just Berkeley and would be surprised that he would not support action against these hate mongers.


It's about time!

Submitted by Jason, Aug 13, 2011 17:50

I applaud Mr Sher and the brave students who filed this suit. It's time that Universities, both American and foreign, draw the line between free speach and threats, harassment and intimidation. I, for one, think that hate speach should be banned in this country like it is in some other countries. In addition, organizations like these that espouse support for terror groups should also be banned from campuses and deemed illegal everywhere.



Submitted by Scott, Aug 13, 2011 16:44

This should be no surprise. Ivy league schools in this country are bastions of uber liberal, know better than you, low-life professors. These are the same people who screamed bloody murder in the '60's when they thought their speech was being suppressed. Epically ironic that they now actively work against and support those who violently work against anybody whose opinion differs from their own.


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Blaming the Victims [49 words]


Sep 17, 2011 18:32

shame on the pro-Israel lobby! [199 words]

a s 

Sep 17, 2011 11:31

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Aug 14, 2011 20:32

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Aug 13, 2011 17:50

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Aug 13, 2011 16:44

It's about time! [48 words]

Judith Brickman 

Aug 12, 2011 17:25

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