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If I Were The Prez

Submitted by Fred Baehr, May 3, 2011 17:46

If I were th Prez I would try like anything to get the good Doctor in my sights. Once there I would tell the world about Zawahiri so they'd know and care a little maybe, and then I'd get him too. Because some will say oh well he got Osama but that was long in the works and maybe its a fluke anyhow.. But if the Prez ices another bad guy then he comes off as a strong opponent, willing to push the button on a guy and go shoot a round. That would be a good image for him going into the election. The more big terrorist types he can kill the better off he'll be with almost everyone. Naturally it might cost him something with his far left anti-war base, but they aren't going to vote for anybody else anyway, so who cares?

Noe, if he would just burn a Koran, he'd be unbeatable!


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