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He's really not hard to figure out

Submitted by Andrew, Jun 3, 2011 17:41

I don't understand why you consider him "difficult to figure out".

  • He deplores and has spoken out against terrorism.
  • He lauds some of the principles of freedom in the USA.
  • He condemns some of the bad parts of the USA: our foreign adventurism, our hedonistic culture and our export of that culture. Do you think everything in the US is bluebirds and sunshine...?
  • He thinks a couple cases of prosecution of Muslims (out of thousands) are perhaps suspect. I'm not sure I agree but then, millions of Americans think OJ Simpson was unfairly prosecuted, so it's not like disagreeing over court case outcomes is un-American.
  • His original comments on Judaism are not really that "racist". I don't agree with it and he's retracted it, but Yusuf is hardly an anti-Semite. He's pointed out that his sister married a Jew and converted to Judaism, and he is quite familiar with the religion.

It's not contradictory to state that the average American prefers peace over war, and yet also say that the American culture "revels in war and violence". Have you been to the movies lately?

You go a bit overboard when you say he "allows his writings to be republished by a website devoted to 9/11 conspiracy theories." More like people quote him on their websites and he doesn't have the resources/interest to hire attorneys to track down every use of his words (assuming there is even a way to have it removed).

Read more at: http://www.investigativeproject.org/2778/ipt-profiles-hamza-yusuf

Hamza Yusuf is genuinely one of the good guys.


Article on Hamza Yusuf

Submitted by Hamz Yusuf, May 24, 2011 17:01

I am writing because the article you have posted on me is threatening
my safety given your website is clearly
identified to investigate terror. I have never supported terrorism or
violence. You can find no statement in my
entire public or private conversation that condones violence with a
possible exception to pedophiles, in a statement
I made in Irvine. Some of the statements are also clearly out of
context. The Jihad is the Only Way Out was published in it
entirety in Traces magazine and you have clearly obfuscated the talk
and made it look like I was talking about military
Jihad, which I was not as is clear from the entire piece. I actually
condemned terrorism in the same talk. I also gave a talk
in Philadelphia four days before 9/11 warning Muslims that subverting
America in any way was haram by Shariah.
You are either not doing your research or exposing your own hidden
agenda. At this stage I am giving you the benefit of the doubt.
But I won't if you continue this false attack on me. I don't mind most
of the quotes as they are accurate, but the suggestion that I am a
secret supporter of violence or terrorism is quite sinister and
unconscionable. The no voting was referring to the Black Churches in the
South that were burned down. I argued against a resolution because it
was meaningless to vote on something clearly wrong.
The FBI never questioned me about anything. They visited to ask for
help and to assure the Muslim leadership that they would
not tolerate hate crimes. The Washington Post article was wrong so I
don't fault you on that. I feel you know who I am and this
is highly unethical. You should really look into your heart, my
friend, and ask yourself if this is the type person you want to be.
If you do not remove that piece, which threatens me and my family
given I am not hard to find, I will have to resort to legal action.
Sincerely disappointed in you,
hamza yusuf


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