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Good old Hugo

Submitted by Fred Baehr, Mar 23, 2011 03:30

Chavez is a dictator and is expanding into terrorism. He bought 30 billion dollars worth of Russian arms last year. What does he need that much firepower for? To spread revolution and unrest around the region of course, all the while maintaining tranquility at home through the application of his 18 months of rule by decree against his domestic enemies all over Venezuela. Yet this cheap piggish thug is the darling of Oliver Stone, Danny Glover, Kevin Spacey and a host of others. Why? Because, in Stone's words. he is trying to help the South Americans get out from under the clutches of the United States, and the World Monetary Fund, who are the real faces of evil in the world. How twisted is that? But that is the opinion most popular on college campuses and progressive salons around the country. Now he's importing islamist terrorists to help his cause. How great. I'm sure Oliver et al think this is a good move and will applaud the deaths of any Americans that may result. Unless of course it happens to be someone they care about personally, in which case they will undoubtedly find a way to put the blame on American imperialism. Look at what some of our news organizations have said about the Israeli family slaughtered in their sleep. They were at fault for living in their settlement as "occupiers". I hate it when I can predict such sick stuff so accurately.


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