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america is fair for everyone from any part of the world

Submitted by michael howard (AKA Mohamed M. A. Hamad), Jun 2, 2012 04:11

I am a Muslim born in Egypt. I became ciizen of the U.S. since 1980.

When I came here, I heard from the musques that we are persecuted in this country.

But, looking at my life, I can see clearly that this country needs every one can produce anything to help in life, this country also welcome anyone who can make a good citizen to add to this country, and this country stand firm to protect everyone and everything belong to this country. This country is the best to protect me and my interests.

The system is fair to give benefit to those who are good and to punish those who are bad.

I can testify that this country gave me opportunities that I could not have in my native country and trust me more than my own country or any Muslim even from my native country.

I feel ashamed of those Muslims who give me bad name and betrays the trust the this country provided.



Submitted by red, Mar 10, 2011 16:17

Muslim Congressman from Minnesota Keith Ellison thinks we are discriminating against Muslims with this Congressional inquiry. How could you people in Minnesota elect this traitor??


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