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Arab racism, Arab immigration into Israel/Palestine and bigoted ADC

Submitted by Dilena, Dec 18, 2010 21:05

This Arab Muslim webhost of: ADC, Arab-American anti-Discrimination Committee is also hostiong 'counter punch' champion of 911 vile conspiracy theroies (rewriting the Islamic massacre of 9/11/2001 of 3,000 innocent people), any wonder now how this racist "anti-dicrimination" group will support to Helen Thomas the infamous racist Arab who called for ['ethnic cleansing' ] Jews to leave their historic homeland Israel (for the sake of children, grandchildren of Arab immigrants, AKA: "Palestinians"?



Submitted by Dennis L., Dec 11, 2010 17:54

Of course Hamad ignores the daily overt anti-Semitic diatribes that come out in the Arab media and schools especially in Gaza and the West Bank. What is expressed in English is often quite different from what is uttered in Arabic. I doubt the use of the terms dogs, pigs, etc. as synonyms for Jews would come under the rubric of being anti-Zionist. Many Muslim groups (Hamas, Fatah, etc) have adopted the language of the Nazis. The idea that Jews control the world and engage in ritual murder has been played out on Arabic TV. I suggest that Hamad look into the matter a little more closely before he defends someone like Helen Thomas who had no difficulty in resorting to time-honored slurs against Jews.


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