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Really banned?

Submitted by Paul, Dec 3, 2010 02:22

Mosque officials were told of concerns about Awlaki's activities and his ban from the United States before they included him in the Jan. 2, 2009, event. Much of those concerns were included in an article in the Telegraph.

Was he really banned? Is there a US source for this, rather than an almost certainly rogue claim from British media? Surely a ban on a US citizen would have been unconstitutional, and other sources have indicated the FBI wanted to get him back to the US for questioning.


More Betrayal of the American People

Submitted by Linda Rivera, Dec 1, 2010 22:56

With a huge and constantly growing Muslim population, a nation cannot survive and remain free when that nation allows extremist mosques in its midst. It is almost as if the host nation is begging to be conquered. From its inception, totalitarian Islam has sought Muslim conquest of all nations.

The US Ambassador praising the extremist mosque was US government support and approval of the preaching of violent jihad against non-Muslims. The message of US support for jihad was reinforced by inviting the mosque "youth to participate in an embassy-funded initiative to travel to the United States." The US showed Muslims that they desire Muslim conquest of America.

The US is bankrupt with huge numbers out of work. Tent cities have sprung up all over America filled with jobless, homeless, desperate, neglected Americans. But for ruling elites, Muslims are the top favorites to lavish with money and lovely trips.

US leaders have no interest whatsoever in working with moderate Muslims. The ONLY Muslim organizations that they will work with are Muslim organizations connected to the Muslim Brotherhood whose goal is Islamic conquest of America.

So many made the ultimate sacrifice, giving their lives so that we could live in freedom and this is what our great nation has come to. Unless things change drastically, America's future as well as Britain's will be horrifying.


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