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NDP: "that the Muslim Brotherhood embodies extremism and promoted terror organization."

Submitted by Assad, Nov 24, 2010 03:25


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The Muslim brotherhood's aspirations to build a power base within Egypt, have been dealt a severe blow by the Mubarak regime.

If not for the determination of Mubarak, the Muslim Brotherhood would establish "headquarters in Egypt" under the guise of a political force and simultaneously serve as a world wide base for Muslim brotherhood affiliate organizations in over 70 countries.

The "headquarters" would then act to co-ordinate and regulate violent, non violent, subversive and direct means of pushing their agenda for Islamic domination of the world, the enthronement of an international caliph and implementation of shariah law. Their gains would then serve as a blue print for other extremist organizations to infiltrate parliaments.

The continued defiance of the outlawed Brotherhood members has resulted in them been arrested, handcuffed and taken to prison. They are facing an extensive police crackdown as a direct result of the flagrant disregard for Egypt's laws. In a bid to maintain civil order and enforce compliance with the rule of Law, more than 1,200 Brotherhood members and sympathizers, including eight candidates for parliament, have been arrested in recent weeks. Most were reportedly detained in the governorate of Sharkeya in the Nile Delta, an Islamist stronghold characterized by poverty and frequent tensions instigated by the Brotherhood. "The regime is sending a message that there will be no abuse of electoral laws."

While top members of the group allege "that the government is crushing their campaign efforts"

Alexandria's police chief told Al Shorouk newspaper

"that Muslim Brotherhood supporters had blocked the city's traffic, violated electoral rules by chanting religious slogans, including its outlawed mantra, "Islam is the solution."

One Muslim brotherhood member called Gamal Shehata refused to acknowledge the Brotherhood had broken any laws and said

"From what I see, the regime is trying to intimidate and terrorize the population from supporting us… It's clear to the whole world that restraints are being put on Egyptian opposition groups, whether the Muslim Brotherhood or independent opposition groups who openly express their disdain for the system."

President Hosni Mubarak's ruling National Democratic Party maintains,

"that the Muslim Brotherhood embodies extremism and promoted terror organization. Indeed the terrorists in Egypt are the Brother Hood and not any other political party."

It appears that Gamal is oblivious the "Muslim Brotherhood" name has an ugly reputation around the world. (He should google it one day)

The world views the "Muslim Brotherhood", (known Nazi co-conspirators and mother of all Islamic terrorist organizations) with disdain, and repulsiveness.

He needs to be made aware "that the Muslim Brotherhood's legacy has done more to damage and harm the name of Islam, than any other unassimilated group.

A legacy that started with the radical fundamentalist teachings of the Nazi sympathizer and founder Banna right up to the ungodly attacks masterminded by none other than Osama Bin Laden.

The Banned organization has a reputation as a direct result of its dark & unsavoury history. That involved a radical & extremist interpretation of Islam, violence, assassinations, and a partnership with Hitler and the Nazi Party in the attempted genocide of the Jews.

Their founder Banna a bigot developed a very radical interpretation of Islam along with Jihad. He cunningly spread his ideology and the brotherhood was sprouted by a primary school teacher. Till today they despise the Jews and promote anarchy in the Middle East with offspring such as Hamas, Hezbollah, Taliban, Al-Qaida, Al-Jamiya etc…

The reality of life is, it was only after the 9/11 attack did the "Muslim brotherhood" name become a dirty word around the globe, synonymous with evil, terrorism and absolutely no regard, respect or dignity for human life.

Bearing that it mind, I think you would all agree, there is absolutely no shadow of a doubt, that President Hosni Mubarak, "would have an infinitely better understanding of the mentality, mindset, "modus operandi" (method of operating) and the threats posed by the Muslim Brotherhood than any other Western or European."

The revival of the Brotherhood in Egypt would be a major threat not just to the Middle East, but to the entire global.

Let me kindly remind many that suffer amnesia, "that the constitutional amendments limiting political freedoms and a national state of emergency were only implemented after the 1981 assassination of President Anwar Sadat by Islamic militants."

The Muslim Brotherhood has highlighted its inability to advance a religious and social legislative agenda to inspire its supporters.

The amendments were made for a very valid reason, and still the Brotherhood aspires for their radical, agenda.

What will they do next?


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