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Terror Alert

Submitted by Dixon Harvey, Oct 21, 2010 12:52

Who cares?

Doesn't anyone here think that, just maybe, the FBI was watching this guy all along? I mean, was he carrying a bomb? Is it surprising that, later down the road, someone the U.S. trusted turns out (allegedly) to be "an enemy?" (see Jordanian double agent to killed all those CIA employees). Fox, get real, please!

Maybe we should really look at the real threats that lead to terrorism? Like U.S. backing of dictators (see Mubarak and king-in-waiting son in Egypt, for example). How many "leaders" of Mideast Muslim/Arabic nations do we support where the citizenry in said countries hate us? Maybe because they have no rights and, in some cases, are jailed and or tortured for trying to exercise basic civil and human rights?

Are all our military bases in this region -- lets be honest here -- (1) making us more secure or (2) making us less secure because they are unwanted by the majority of people in said nations?

Did Dick and George make us (hello, Liz!) Less Safe or More Safe by growing the Dinosaur National Debt?

More troops on the border, but cut my taxes to pay for them! Americans are delusional ... And Rome burns ...


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