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Cyprus problem.

Submitted by Hayden Roberts, Jan 17, 2017 16:05

Dear Mr.Recep, Right there is a problem in Cyprus? Though I know you do not want to pull out, I have some reasons you SHOULD! One reason, is that I know you want to join EU,NATO,or UN, and Cyprus is their ally, so if you don't pull out, you wont be in, and then they will have to use force! Secondly, if you end up keeping Cyprus, you might invade other countries in the alliances, and all of them will declare war on you. Lastly, you could join the alliances, then when your attacked by A strong country like Russia, they could help you. Sincerely Hayden R, 4th grade, Boston Massachusetts.


spot on!

Submitted by claire, Feb 28, 2011 10:00

brilliant letter. many turks are afraid of speaking against the current government.


to those who believe

Submitted by murat, Sep 25, 2010 10:59

I am a Turk, I am an Australian and i am Muslim .

It saddens me to see the state of my once beautiful country.I see it slowly being transformed into a Arabic state. though I can take a deep relieved breath, knowing that other people see the the plight of ATATURKS people, religion and sate should never mix but erdogan is achieving this.

Iam greatful that there is some inlightened, educated people that still have a strong voice


i dn't agree

Submitted by Youri, Aug 5, 2010 07:16

well this msg 2 da writer...

we are turkish ppl and we like da islamic way...and we like erdugan as well...so plz try 2 talk about ur own thoughts ...T.C ;)


Very well said!!

Jul 21, 2010 17:28

You have been the translator to many of Turkish people too. I can't recognize Turkey anymore, its so sad.. Turkish nation had been so lucky having a leader like Ataturk, now almost losing him. Growing anti American ideas in Turkey just because people think that USA is behind him.


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Cyprus problem. [111 words]

Hayden Roberts 

Jan 17, 2017 16:05

spot on! [12 words]


Feb 28, 2011 10:00

to those who believe [79 words]


Sep 25, 2010 10:59

i dn't agree [31 words]


Aug 5, 2010 07:16

Very well said!! [49 words]


Jul 21, 2010 17:28

Alas!!! [324 words]

Saltuk Bugra 

Jul 12, 2010 15:35

to the author of this article [291 words]


Jul 8, 2010 15:26

Kudos! [83 words]

Hon. Bruce J. Einhorn 

Jul 5, 2010 17:25

Turkistan is more like it! [138 words]


Jul 4, 2010 05:14

Excellent Article [78 words]

Steven Simpson 

Jul 2, 2010 15:56

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