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It's all about the law stupid!

Submitted by David Cafferty, Apr 11, 2010 05:38

No individual or organisation can, nor should they be allowed to, operate outside the law and/or the Constitution.

The Judge made the correct call!


TSP should be defended, Vehemently !

Submitted by Warren Norman, Apr 2, 2010 16:11

One of the principle Islamic NGOs, which has provided funding to at least five identified terror organizations, including Egyptian Islamic Jihad, and L-e-T. The same group of people over the years that have brought us both, the Blind Sheikh, and the eye opening attacks on Mumbai…

And still, there are some in this present Presidency, that will endorse this decision against much more than common sense, but common decency.

The principle behind the Terrorist Surveillance Plan from the inception was the authorization of various methods of surveillance, would remain above the Federal Court's jurisdiction.

Looks to me like this time, someone other then our troops in Helmand and Baghdad, are going to have to stand up and defend their principles…

Now Let's see if Obama's political capitol, is spilled as easily as American blood..
Eric Holder defending the TSP, should make for interesting theatre…
Like having Willy Sutton, work for your Bank's security.


Don't Blame The Judge

Submitted by Domenick F. De Rose Sr., Apr 2, 2010 07:25

Judge Walker cannot be faulted for making the right Constitutional decision. The blame for this 5 year evidence gathering failure goes to the person who blundered or who may have deliberately sought not to secure the proper surveilance warrents,

Who and where is this person ? maybe he's playing a round of golf with the Saudis.


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