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Increase in female Suicide Bombers

Submitted by Farukh Sarwar, Apr 6, 2010 07:25

The increase in female suicide bombers is a dangerous trend, but it is also important not to affiliate it with Muslims only. As the author explained, there are a number of other examples where women with other religious affiliations carried out these attacks in order to pursue their respective objectives.


Collective Retribution

Submitted by Ed Zuiderwijk, Apr 3, 2010 10:12

The conclusion that security forces will draw is that if you take out an islamic terrorist, you also go after his wife or wives. And if that's not effective then after the rest of the family, until the message gets through that making choices has consequences.

It appears that the Israeli policy of collective retribution is right after all, however unpallatable.

The first government which actually implements such tactics, likely Russia, will, predictably, face a torrent of criticism, not least from Muslim countries. The proper way to counter that is by pointing out that, according to the mohammedan faith, everything that happens does so because it is the will of Allah. And one can't disagree with his will, can one?


Support for Female Suicide Bombers

Submitted by Philip Henika, Apr 1, 2010 14:20

Suffice it to say, successful bombings by suicidals have plot and logistical support in terms of recruitment (e.g. kavkaz.com?), training (in the past - alias Umm Usama or Osama - female suicide bombers were alledgely trained by her), and operations.


as always, Steven, spot-on

Submitted by Abigail Esman, Mar 30, 2010 01:27

What many also are forgetting are the women from the West who are also being recruited - such as Muriel Degaques, the Belgian woman who blew herself up in 2005. Women are especially likely to convert to Islam these days, as noted in a British report, and new converts are especially vulnerable to recruiters from Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups. New York's efforts to search backpacks on the subways brought on a slew of complaints, but the fact is that the failure to do so would only bring on more protest in the event of an attack -- and there will be one. And still, most European countries refuse to ban the burqa.

When will the public understand?

Abigail R. Esman



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