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Abdirizak Bihi

Submitted by Abdiri, Jun 15, 2009 02:03

HI fellow human beings, liberty lovers, fello Americans.

I am a Somali community leaader whose 90 percent of work arer for free for his community so they can take advantage of the great American generosity, humanity, love, freinship, courage, loyalty and oneness for values. I want to tell you that SWomalis have the same yearning fo the same values but are continously kidnapped and hijacked be very few imams such as the Sheikh Abdirahmen Omar of Abubakr Sadique, imam Hassan Mohamud of Dawa mosque center, in St Paul, mn. Iman Abdisalam Of Daul Hijra Civic Center and many others funded and supported by many elected officials like Congressman Keth Ellison and organizations like CAIR who have something to do with the missing kids.

The familis and the Somali kids feel the DFl Plus Wicked Imams are working together to silence families. The Community wants to know if they can get American Public help. Or the Republican Part yor Green Party or Indepedent Pary is intersested the Somali VOte because the Soamli Americans want to vote differently. The DFL supports Mr Hashi of Somali Ameical Coalition and the His IMam Freinds as well as Cair. which we hold responsible for our missing kids.DFL and SEIU has forgetten their real freinds in the Somali American Comminity. They will feel the Big Pinch in the next Congressionall and governer';s ellection

Other political parties have a great opportunities to outreach in the Somali American growing vote. Especially Repuplicans to address what MNs worry about. What these child recruiting criminals are doing freely in our community especially with tax payers money. You need facts. Next few days you will see Somali American community demonstrating against CAIR's Support for Abubkar Saddique Money Center and their silencers.

And You will see some DFLs defending them and Somae non dfles supporting the community and the familes of the missing kids.

Your Somali American neighbor


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