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US isn't the center of teh universe

Submitted by Dr. Barbara Levine Bartlett, Jun 24, 2009 04:05

I have been destroy by international online libel: http://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/0/430/RipOff0430930.htm

In a similar case, the Australian High Court explains this perfectly in a similar case called Dow Jones & Co. Inc. v Gutnick:
"If people wish to do business in, or indeed travel to, or live in, or utilize the infrastructure of different countries, they can hardly expect to be absolved from compliance with the laws of those countries. The fact that publication might occur everywhere does not mean that it occurs nowhere." (per Callinan J at para 186)
" …the spectre which Dow Jones sought to conjure up in the present appeal, of a publisher forced to consider every article it publishes on the World Wide Web against the defamation laws of every country from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe is seen to be unreal when it is recalled that in all except the most unusual of cases, identifying the person about whom material is to be published will readily identify the defamation law to which that person may resort."


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