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What a mess you are, Salah Sultan

May 4, 2010 18:28


I just wanted to submit this short treatise to express my grieve over the MuslimBrotherhood, or as I prefer to call it "the Brotherhood of Satan".....Today we were invited to join a conference of the so called "Scholars of Germany", which is, as we got to know during the conference, a sub-organisation of the MB in Germany. One of its esteemed speakers by the name of Salah Sultan also was present and gave lectures there.

I heard these harsh and attacking vocabular from his speeches and now as I have found out, he also applied for US citizenship, which is insha Allah going to be dismissed.

I wonder, what kind of truthfulness is this, as he holds us on to be truthful with Allah, His Messenger and His Book and hate Americans etc. and in the meantime he applies for US citizenship??

I ask you Salah Sultan: Do you want us to hate you like you call us to hate Americans without any distinguishing criteria?!

Allah be Glorified, that He gave us the scholars of pure Salafiyyah, as they have proclaimed the truth as it is, and already warned us from those individuals.


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