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What Rights?

Submitted by Ray, Sep 3, 2008 17:55

Sami Al-Arian or any other terrorist or supporter of, should not be able to bond out of anything. I think there should be 2 available consequences: 1) Automatic life prison term in a U.S. maximum security prison with no chance at parol for any reason, and 2) Immediate deportation with the rule that they NEVER return, or face consequence #1.

His guilty plea was an admission that he supported a known terrorist organization. Period. End of story. Terrorists and terrorism supporters should not receive the same benefits and rights that American citizens receive when charged with a crime. The crime of terrorism should be an automatic revocation of any and all rights afforded those who are loyal to America.

Groups within the U.S. (MB, CAIR, ISNA, MSA, etc.) should receive the same...nothing but automatic and immediate deportation.


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