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The Illusion of Hope

Submitted by John Brewer, Jul 18, 2009 12:41

Maybe people will start to see that Obana is just another shill for the military corpocracy that is slowly strangling freedoms and enslaving millions all over the world


Suing Islam: Torts , Terrorism and the House of Saud

Submitted by Professor D. W. Garner, Jun 10, 2009 08:03

Two years ago I co-wrote a fairly extensive law review documenting the inculcation of hatred towards the west by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and suggesting legal means to hold the Kingdom liable for the consequences of their propogation of a hateful religious ideology. It is published at 60 Okla. L. Review 223 (2007) and its principal contribution is that it goes to the heart of the issue of Wahhabist terrorism. It is not just about financing terrorist groups, but is a more fundamental responsibility for creating and imposing a form of Islam that leads directly to terrorist acts. It was no statistical fluke that 15 of the 9/11 jihadists were Saudi subjects.

For our government to shield Saudi Arabia from responsiblility for its actions denies not only compensation to the victims, but it forecloses an opportunity to create a sterling judicial record of how Saudi Arabia has inspired nothing short of a crime against humanity. It was Washington's foolish state craft that sent us into a useless war against the secular regime Saddam Hussain while ignoring the real threat from the princes and mulahs of Saudi Arabia. It is the ideology, not just the money, that sustains Islamic terrorism.


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