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It's about time they got it right

Submitted by Woody, Mar 23, 2009 18:23

There is not one single Muslim organization in the United States that is not somehow associated with one terrorist group or another. When are the Senators and Congress going to wake up. Islamism is 100% completely about destroying our country and any others that do not subject themselves to Islamic rule. Wake up people, that's not to say that all Muslims are terrorists just that Islamism is, was and always will be the terrorist sect of Muslims.


This is good

Submitted by Don, Feb 25, 2009 19:29

But where are the other 97 senators?


At last some common sense

Submitted by Kate Sullivan, Feb 25, 2009 14:52

Thank the FBI and the senators for at last getting of the pot and
recognizing that this organization does not have good intentions
for our country.


Next Step on CAIR

Submitted by Andrew Cochran, Feb 24, 2009 16:39

The next step, as I wrote in my new post on The Counterterrorism Blog, is for either President Obama's OMB to issue a memorandum to the agencies forbidding all ties, or for Congress to add it to the FY 2009 omnibus approps bill still outstanding. Congrats on your great work on this and keep going!!


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