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environment of peace

Submitted by maclean c mwamlangala, May 23, 2011 03:01

the visit of kerry in GAZA it should be an instrumement of building mutual relation in peace.


Obama Administration Dangerous

Submitted by John Glueck, Mar 3, 2009 12:55

The Obama administration is a danger to Israel and all Americans. The funding of terrorists and their miserable enterprise is unconscionable. This will one day return to bite the American people like a serpent, even those who would never sanction such arrogance. A bankrupt nation forces its policies on Israel and pays for it out of deficit spending? The last days of a failed civilization are on the horizon and a superpower who has denied reality is the leader down the path to war, not peace. We are providing the rope for our our own hanging.


Hamas, Islamic Jihad, other terrorists will benefit

Submitted by Amerisrael, Feb 24, 2009 20:24

The media keep presenting this false notion that there is the "Gazan people", and then there are the "terrorists." The Hamas and other Islamic terrorists in Gaza "are" the people of Gaza."That is where they come from. You cannot separate the terrorists from the population. By sending aid money to Gaza, the Islamic terrorists will also benefit. Their families, their cousins, their friends. By supporting that Islamist population with aid, we are supporting the terrorists at the same time. And don't forget, they voted for Hamas. Would you vote for someone who held a terrorist ideology, only if they promised good social services?


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