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American Islamists Celebrate an Avowed Anti-Semite's Election   IPT News   May 16, 2018
Anti-Semites, Terror Apologists Hide Behind Civil Rights Rhetoric on Capitol Hill   IPT News   May 15, 2018
Egyptian Terror Supporters Canvass Capitol Hill   IPT News   May 15, 2018
The Divisive, Hateful People Among CNN's Influential American Muslim List   IPT News   May 7, 2018
Sen. Murphy's Misguided "Anti-Muslim" Smear   IPT News   May 1, 2018
Qatari Ambassador Plays Semantics With Definition of Terrorism   IPT News   April 23, 2018
IPT Exclusive: U.S.-based Imam Advocates Violence Against Israel in Anti-Semitic Sermon   IPT News   April 20, 2018
Hatem and Ahmed's Ironic Islamophobia Adventure   IPT News   April 10, 2018
Syrian American Council Learns How to Pressure Washington   IPT News   April 3, 2018
Freeing a Terrorist: At What Cost?   IPT News   March 27, 2018
IPT Exclusive: Government-Tied Turkish Organizations Support Global Jihadists and Islamists   IPT News   March 19, 2018
Al-Arian Tries To Play #MeToo With Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theorist   IPT News   March 16, 2018
Erdogan Allies Lobbied Congress Against Kurds   IPT News   March 9, 2018
Emails Expose CAIR's Ongoing Influence in San Diego Schools   IPT News   February 21, 2018
Macramé for Terrorists   IPT News   February 9, 2018
Al-Arian Calls U.S. 'Our Enemy' At Turkish Conference   IPT News   February 5, 2018
Syrian Opposition Leader Offers Non-Islamist Alternative Plan for Syria   IPT News   February 1, 2018
Google Partners with Anti-Semitic Islamists   IPT News   January 30, 2018
The Unrepentant Terrorist   IPT News   January 26, 2018
Hizballah Helps Hamas Enhance Terrorist Infrastructure on Israel's Northern Border   IPT News   January 25, 2018
Jerusalem Issue Sends Abbas Into Madness   IPT News   January 24, 2018
IPT Video: What BDS Really Wants   IPT News   January 10, 2018
Judge Reinstates Hamas/AMP Lawsuit   IPT News   January 8, 2018
Foolishness at the BOP: Allowing a Terrorist to Radicalize Others   IPT News   December 29, 2017
Palestinian Hostility to Peace Overlooked Following Trump Jerusalem Decision   IPT News   December 28, 2017
A Disappointing, Muted Response to Imams Calling for Violence   IPT News   December 20, 2017
D.C. Transit Cop's Trial Details Ties Between Neo-Nazism and Islamist Terrorism   IPT News   December 17, 2017
Federally Funded U.S. Institute for Peace Hosts Pro-Hamas Tunisian Group   IPT News   December 15, 2017
NYPD: Fighting Terrorism on Three Sides   IPT News   December 14, 2017
Decrying False Genocide, Palestinian Advocates Call for Genocide   IPT News   December 11, 2017
Jailhouse Jihadi: The Intriguing Case of Casey Charles Spain   IPT News   December 8, 2017
U.S.-Based Israel Bashers' Fury and Disapproval Over Trump's Jerusalem Recognition   IPT News   December 7, 2017
IPT Investigation Reveals ICNA Partner's Close Ties to Kashmiri Jihadists   IPT News   December 5, 2017
ISIS's Fall Means Fewer Terror Deaths As Jihadis Adjust, IPT Analysis Shows   IPT News   November 28, 2017
AMP Convention Sees Opportunities in U.S. Elections   IPT News   November 27, 2017
Hijab Barbie And Social Coercion   IPT News   November 17, 2017
National Service Again Calls IPT's Hoekstra   IPT News   November 13, 2017
American Islamists' Silence on Tariq Ramadan Rape Allegations Speaks Volumes   IPT News   November 7, 2017
Council on Foreign Relations Suddenly Cancels Presentation by Terrorist-Linked Charity Leader After IPT Inquiry   IPT News   October 31, 2017
Trump Administration Vows to Aid Mideast Christians   IPT News   October 27, 2017
Underwear Bomber Sues to Make Hard Time Easier   IPT News   October 25, 2017
CAIR Conducted Sensitivity Training for Philadelphia Teachers   IPT News   October 11, 2017
CAIR Chief Among American Islamists Eulogizing Brotherhood Leader   IPT News   September 27, 2017
European Attacks Show the Difficulty in Tracking Soaring Terror Suspect Numbers   IPT News   September 18, 2017
Al-Arian and the Georgetown Gang Ride Again – Now in Turkey   IPT News   September 14, 2017
U.S. Islamists Claim Win Over Legislation Banning Funding to Terror-Tied Charity   IPT News   September 8, 2017
A Lesson in Democracy for Turkey's Islamist President   IPT News   September 5, 2017
It's Time for Qatar to Stop Its Regional Meddling   IPT News   August 31, 2017
Barcelona Terror Imam's Familiar Path From Prison to ISIS Soldier   IPT News   August 23, 2017
Goodbye and Good Riddance to Rasmieh Odeh   IPT News   August 17, 2017
MB Groups Increasingly Open in Endorsing Anti-Sisi Violence   IPT News   August 16, 2017
IPT Video: Cornell Prof Dissects the Many Lies of Rasmieh Odeh   IPT News   August 15, 2017
Charlottesville Attack Was Domestic Terrorism   IPT News   August 14, 2017
Malaysia Kills a Talking Point   IPT News   August 11, 2017
UK's Flawed Solution to Prison Radicalization – Terrorist Group Therapy   IPT News   August 7, 2017
Al Jazeera: The Terrorist Propaganda Network   IPT News   August 4, 2017
U.S. Islamists Promote Nationwide Protests Despite Israeli Concessions   IPT News   July 28, 2017
CAIR Loses San Diego Schools Partnership   IPT News   July 26, 2017
IPT Video: Islam in America As Described by Three Leading Voices   IPT News   July 21, 2017
Ousting Pro-Gay Muslim Group Exposes ISNA's Hypocrisy   IPT News   July 14, 2017
U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal's CAIR Ally Posts al-Qaida Leader's Video   IPT News   July 13, 2017
Linda Sarsour's All-Star Team of Radical Theologians   IPT News   July 11, 2017
Paranoid Terrorist Apologism Dominates ISNA Convention in Chicago   IPT News   July 7, 2017
IPT Exclusive: Updated Suit Against San Diego Schools Highlights CAIR's Radical Ties   IPT News   June 28, 2017
Terror-Tied Qatari Think Tank's Anti-Israel, Pro-BDS Stance   IPT News   June 26, 2017
DHS Denies Grant to Islamic Radicalization Enabler MPAC   IPT News   June 23, 2017
Russia's Terrorist Double Game   IPT News   June 16, 2017
Leaders Try to Squelch Dar al-Hijrah Female Genital Mutilation Debate   IPT News   June 14, 2017
Libyan Security Committee Calls U.S. Muslim Leader a Terrorist   IPT News   June 12, 2017
Washington Post "Yeah, Buts" Female Genital Mutilation   IPT News   June 6, 2017
Admitting When You're Wrong   IPT News   June 2, 2017
Religious Liberty Group Suing San Diego Schools Over CAIR-backed 'Islamophobia' Program   IPT News   May 25, 2017
CAIR Ups the Ante on its Shameful Smear Campaign   IPT News   May 23, 2017
A Disappointing Silence on Erdogan's Excesses   IPT News   May 18, 2017
MB Backers Hide Terror Support During Capitol Hill Visits   IPT News   May 15, 2017
Spinning a Terrorist into a Victim: Justice, At Last, for Rasmieh Odeh   IPT News   May 12, 2017
Sarsour's Anti-Semitism Campaign Minimizes Anti-Semitism   IPT News   May 9, 2017
Bazian Uses Islamist Convention to Push "Islamophobia" Scare   IPT News   May 5, 2017
Ex-CIA Case Officer Sabrina DeSousa, IPT's Hoekstra, Describe Her Brush With Italian Prison   IPT News   May 3, 2017
Syrian Regime Held Liable for Americans' Murders   IPT News   May 2, 2017
Rasmieh Odeh's Guilty Plea Accepted   IPT News   April 25, 2017
Karim Cheurfi: From the Cauldron of Prison to the Streets of Paris   IPT News   April 24, 2017
New Filings Show Odeh Case Remains Contentious Despite Pending Plea   IPT News   April 21, 2017
Palm Sunday Bombing Underscores Depth of Egypt's Anti-Christian Bigotry   IPT News   April 12, 2017
Should the Muslim Brotherhood Debate Include Another Rogue Islamist Party?   IPT News   April 7, 2017
BDS Contributes to Palestinians' Plight   IPT News   April 6, 2017
Odeh Claims "Torturous Ordeal" Led to Guilty Plea   IPT News   April 3, 2017
Panelists Prove Jewish Voice for Peace is Neither   IPT News   April 1, 2017
CAIR Smears and Tries to Silence an IPT Fellow   IPT News   March 30, 2017
Georgetown University and Radical Islamists: It's a Family Affair   IPT News   March 28, 2017
London Terrorist Followed the Jihadist's Twisted Path From Prison to Terrorist   IPT News   March 27, 2017
Breaking News: Rasmieh Odeh Reportedly Accepts Plea Deal   IPT News   March 23, 2017
Hamas Again Caught Exploiting Charities to Fund Terror   IPT News   March 21, 2017
Ex-CIA Officer's Case Shows How to Get Things Done in D.C.   IPT News   March 16, 2017
IPT Examines J Street's Unusual "Support" for Israel   IPT News   March 9, 2017
Kurdish Factions Turn Guns on Each Other in Yazidi Homeland   IPT News   March 8, 2017
New York Cedes Ground in the Fight Against Terrorism   IPT News   March 7, 2017
IPT Senior Shillman Fellow Pete Hoekstra Discusses "Libya: Trauma, Healing, and Open Horizons" on Heritage Panel   IPT News   March 7, 2017
'Explanatory Memorandum' Detractors Ignore Evidence About MB in America   IPT News   March 1, 2017
Erdogan Critics Beware: Turkey Probably is Watching   IPT News   February 27, 2017
"Moderate" Muslim Brotherhood Mourns Terrorist's Death   IPT News   February 21, 2017
Venezuela: State Sponsor of Terrorism?   IPT News   February 17, 2017
Advocates: Kurds Keeping Christians and Yazidis From Going Home   IPT News   February 14, 2017
Prof's Slavery/Sexual Consent Comments Become Georgetown's Latest Outrage   IPT News   February 13, 2017
U.S. Ill Prepared for Convicted Jihadis Ending Their Prison Sentences   IPT News   February 8, 2017
IPT Video: On National TV, Keith Ellison Ducks Anti-Israel Statement   IPT News   January 31, 2017
Sarsour's Defenders Choose to Ignore March Organizer's Liberal Critics   IPT News   January 25, 2017
The Inside Story of How John Kerry Secretly Lobbied to Get CAIR Removed From UAE's Terrorist Organization List   IPT News   January 19, 2017
U.S. Refusing to Intervene as Ex-CIA Agent Faces Extradition, Prison, in Italy   IPT News   January 13, 2017
A Last, Desperate Plea to Excuse Hamas Support   IPT News   January 12, 2017
The New Axis of Evil (or Comedy): CAIR, JVP and the Huffington Post   IPT News   December 29, 2016
New Middle East Forum Manual Spotlights Islamist Apologists   IPT News   December 28, 2016
Information Not Used is Useless   IPT News   December 27, 2016
Amazon Video Overlooks Muslim Partners' Radical Dogma   IPT News   December 22, 2016
Muslim Scholar: Group That Sponsored Ellison's Hajj a 'National Security Threat'   IPT News   December 19, 2016
IPT EXCLUSIVE: DHS Hires CAIR to Train French Officials   IPT News   December 14, 2016
White House "Champion" Blasts Muslims Who Talk to Any Pro-Israel Jews   IPT News   December 7, 2016
Funding Terrorism - The Buck Stops Here   IPT News   December 6, 2016
Judge Grants Rasmieh Odeh a New Trial   IPT News   December 6, 2016
Democrats Express Solidarity with Islamic Extremists in Wake of Election   IPT News   December 5, 2016
Keith Ellison's Disinformation Campaign   IPT News   December 2, 2016
IPT Exclusive: In Private Fundraiser, Ellison Blasted Israeli Influence Over U.S. Policy   IPT News   November 29, 2016
Breaking News: Pivotal Odeh Hearing Canceled   IPT News   November 28, 2016
Ottawa Muslim Outreach Includes Islamists Only   IPT News   November 21, 2016
Prosecution: Odeh's PTSD Defense a Product of Untested Theory, Her Own Unreliable Claims   IPT News   November 15, 2016
CAIR Whips Pre-Election Hysteria and Fear Against FBI   IPT News   November 7, 2016
France's De-radicalization Program Deemed a Failure   IPT News   October 28, 2016
Islamists' Double Standards on FBI's Use of Informants   IPT News   October 18, 2016
Jihadist Tactics 101 - Going on the Dole   IPT News   October 17, 2016
Brookings Fellow Briefs BDS Leaders   IPT News   October 16, 2016
Soros Money, Muslim Advocates Leader, Helped Weaken Homeland Security Policies   IPT News   October 7, 2016
Video: IPT's Pete Hoekstra Testimony, "Defining the Enemy: Radical Islamist Terror"   IPT News   September 22, 2016
Ill Informed House Dem Wrongly Blasts "Ill Prepared" DHS Official   IPT News   September 22, 2016
Corrected Links: IPT's Shillman Senior Fellow Pete Hoekstra to Testify on White House Embrace of the Muslim Brotherhood   IPT News   September 21, 2016
Brotherhood Members Gather in D.C. to Blast Egyptian Government   IPT News   September 21, 2016
Choudary's Junk Justice Sentencing   IPT News   September 14, 2016
CAIR, Awad Continue Aggressively Shilling for Turkey   IPT News   September 9, 2016
Women's Flotilla About Everything But Helping Gaza   IPT News   September 7, 2016
The Choudary Quandary - The Fox in The Hen House Redux   IPT News   August 19, 2016
Erdogan-Gulen Power Struggle Divides European Turks   IPT News   August 8, 2016
Erdoğan's Coup Survival: Don't Call It Democracy   IPT News   August 3, 2016
Rasmieh Odeh Adds Israel-Hating Lawyer, Fights Psych Evaluation   IPT News   July 29, 2016
Who's Teaching the Class?   IPT News   July 27, 2016
Obama Eid Celebration Again Empowers Islamists Over Reformers   IPT News   July 21, 2016
CAIR Chief's Reflexive Terror Denial Stands Apart   IPT News   July 15, 2016
Will Turkey's New Diplomatic Push Reduce Its American MB Support?   IPT News   July 7, 2016
No Sacred Cows? The Washington Post Continues Carrying CAIR's Water   IPT News   July 5, 2016
CAIR Hilarity: We Welcome "Significant, Healthy Debates" Among Muslims   IPT News   June 23, 2016
Disconnecting the Dots: Blurring the Lines   IPT News   June 22, 2016
IPT Exclusive: Document Reveals Omar Mateen's Father Tied to Radical Islamist Groups   IPT News   June 20, 2016
CAIR Offers Terror Sympathizers and Misleading Rhetoric to Condemn Orlando Tragedy   IPT News   June 14, 2016
Absurdity Reigns: Of Want Ads and Counter-Radicalization   IPT News   June 2, 2016
ICNA's Selective Condemnation Over Bangladesh Bloodshed   IPT News   May 13, 2016
Another Democrat's Willful Blindness Toward CAIR   IPT News   May 10, 2016
Erdogan Expands His Assault on Journalists Beyond Turkish Borders   IPT News   May 3, 2016
Emails Show Clinton Was Told About MB-AQ Links   IPT News   May 2, 2016
Where Have All the "Good Boys" Gone?: Effective Handling of Captured Terrorists   IPT News   April 28, 2016
Social Media Emerges as a Valuable Terrorist Fundraising Tool   IPT News   April 20, 2016
IPT Video Report: Bernie Sanders' Bad Adviser   IPT News   April 14, 2016
Islamic University of Minnesota a Hotbed of Extremism   IPT News   April 8, 2016
ISIS Caliphate in Libya Spreading Terror throughout Africa   IPT News   April 1, 2016
NYT Acknowledges Findings on Rise of ISIS in Europe   IPT News   March 30, 2016
Islamist Terror Growing in Lethality and Geography, IPT Analysis Finds   IPT News   March 28, 2016
Special Report: What the Alarming Increase in Lethal Islamist Terror Means Going Forward   IPT News   March 28, 2016
Islamist Activist Asks Obama to Support Libyan AQ Group   IPT News   March 18, 2016
Bassem Tamimi is Lying About his Visa Revocation   IPT News   March 17, 2016
Terrorist Groups Intensify Targeting of Children for Jihad   IPT News   March 10, 2016
Terror Trends 2001-2016   IPT News   March 9, 2016
U.S. Tourist Killed, Dozen Israelis Wounded in Palestinian Attacks   IPT News   March 8, 2016
Dems Balk at MB Bill Terror Findings   IPT News   March 3, 2016
Appellate Court Ruling Could Revive Rasmieh Odeh's PTSD Defense   IPT News   February 25, 2016
ISIS Leader Moves to Libya   IPT News   February 16, 2016
Tunisian MB Leader's 'Time' Column Glosses Over Tunisia's Jihadi Problem   IPT News   February 11, 2016
Obama's Dubious Mosque Choice   IPT News   February 2, 2016
DNC Chair Dismisses Questions About CAIR Invites to Obama Speech   IPT News   January 13, 2016
"Ikhwan-101" – Georgetown Profs Team Up With Suspected MB Front   IPT News   January 7, 2016
Obama White House Turns To Islamists Who Demonize Terror Investigations   IPT News   December 28, 2015
Convicted HLF Chief Rewrites Hamas Charity's History   IPT News   December 21, 2015
UK Investigation Prompts Visa Ban for Muslim Brotherhood Members   IPT News   December 17, 2015
Two Glaring NYT Displays of Ignorance About CAIR in One Day   IPT News   December 15, 2015
IPT Exclusive: Witnesses Say CAIR's Hamas/MB Links Cemented From Start   IPT News   December 14, 2015
FOIA Exposes Deported CAIR Official's Support for Jihad   IPT News   December 14, 2015
Islamic State Manifesto Details Paris Attacks, Describes Expansion Plans   IPT News   December 11, 2015
IPT White Paper - Our Refugee, Asylum, and Visa Waiver Programs: A Broken System   IPT News   December 7, 2015
San Bernardino Murders Expose Failure to Address Radical Islam   IPT News   December 4, 2015
ISIS Credits Itself on Twitter for San Bernardino Massacre, Threatens More   IPT News   December 4, 2015
NYT, Sputnik Agree with Hoekstra's 'Architects of Disaster'   IPT News   December 3, 2015
Islamic State Manifesto: Sleeper Cells Sent To Europe Posing As Refugees   IPT News   December 1, 2015
Wolf Encouraged by Reported Administration Plans to Label ISIS Atrocities 'Genocide'   IPT News   November 19, 2015
The Façade in CAIR's Paris Attacks Condemnation   IPT News   November 16, 2015
New Islamic State Document Shows U.S. Still In the Crosshairs   IPT News   November 9, 2015
Palestinian Institutions Continue Vicious Incitement Against Israelis   IPT News   October 26, 2015
Coverage of Palestinian "Stabbing Intifada" Sets New Lows   IPT News   October 22, 2015
European Influx of Militiamen Loyal To Iran Could Pose Problems   IPT News   October 19, 2015
Shariah Incompatible With the Constitution   IPT News   October 6, 2015
Former Congressman Frank Wolf: Indict Baghdadi & Jihadi John for Genocide   IPT News   September 25, 2015
Refugee Crisis Demands Coherent Foreign Policy   IPT News   September 22, 2015
Khamenei: No Deal If Sanctions Remain   IPT News   September 18, 2015
The Iran Nuclear Deal's Islamist Supporters   IPT News   September 11, 2015
Pa. Lawmaker Demands Punishment For Professor Who Defended Killing Blasphemers   IPT News   August 24, 2015
Iranian Officials Ratchet Up Genocidal Anti-Israel Rhetoric After Nuclear Deal   IPT News   August 18, 2015
DOJ May Intervene in Terror Judgment Against Palestinian Authority   IPT News   August 4, 2015
Washington Post and David Cole Try to Bury History   IPT News   July 22, 2015
IPT Shillman Fellow Pete Hoekstra at the Stop Iran Rally in Times Square, NYC   IPT News   July 22, 2015
IPT Executive Director Steven Emerson at the Stop Iran Rally in Times Square, NYC   IPT News   July 22, 2015
A Pointless Argument Over the Bigger Terror Threat   IPT News   July 17, 2015
Did We Hit a Nerve, Ms. Deek?   IPT News   July 13, 2015
More Blind Hate Toward Israel From a CAIR Official   IPT News   July 9, 2015
Islamist Groups Join Forces to Lobby Congress   IPT News   June 24, 2015
Investigation Exposes AMP Leaders' Ties to Former U.S-Based Hamas-Support Network   IPT News   June 24, 2015
Islamists Continue to Push the Wrong Questions in Boston Shooting   IPT News   June 4, 2015
In Boston Shooting, Islamists Damn First, Ignore Facts Later   IPT News   June 3, 2015
Islamists Use Boston Shooting to Sow Hatred of Law Enforcement   IPT News   June 2, 2015
Hamas-Loving Canadian Islamist Baffled by Suspension   IPT News   May 20, 2015
The Shooting in Garland, Texas   IPT News   May 4, 2015
New Details From Israeli Intelligence on Planned Hamas Mega Attack in Gaza War   IPT News   May 1, 2015
Free Speech Losing to Campus Thought Police   IPT News   April 17, 2015
Documentary Exposes Hamas Indoctrination, Training of Child Soldiers   IPT News   March 25, 2015
Rasmieh Odeh Sentenced to 18 Months In Prison, Then Deportation to Jordan   IPT News   March 12, 2015
Rasmieh Odeh Prosecution: Justice Demands Extraordinary Sentence   IPT News   February 25, 2015
Betting National Security on a Theory   IPT News   February 24, 2015
Blind Hate Drives Islamists to Absurdity   IPT News   February 17, 2015
Al-Arian Saves One Last Lie for the Road   IPT News   February 5, 2015
Report: Al-Arian to be Deported Wednesday   IPT News   February 3, 2015
Hamas-Supporting MB Figures Meet With Congress, State Dept.   IPT News   January 29, 2015
Islamist Panel Approaches Self-Parody in Hebdo/Radicalization Talk   IPT News   January 23, 2015
PA Documents Detail Payments to Terrorists   IPT News   January 15, 2015
Victims' Attorney: PA Supported Terror Attacks in Policy, Deeds and Words   IPT News   January 13, 2015
Terror Victims Take Palestinian Authority to Court   IPT News   January 12, 2015
Turkey-based Hamas Leader Well Known to US Law Enforcement   IPT News   December 19, 2014
Muslim Scholar Blames Porn for Jihad   IPT News   December 17, 2014
The Terrorist Attack in Australia: Coming to a Theater Near You   IPT News   December 15, 2014
White House Statement Ignores Brotherhood's Continuing Hamas Support   IPT News   December 5, 2014
Canadian Watchdog Report Chastises RCMP for Islamist Engagement   IPT News   November 24, 2014
Days Before UAE Terror Designation, CAIR Awards PIJ Board Member   IPT News   November 20, 2014
Palestinian Incitement, Attacks, Glorification   IPT News   November 18, 2014
Spinning a Terrorist Into a Victim – Part 6 – The Spin Strategy Unravels   IPT News   November 14, 2014
Rasmieh Odeh Guilty of Naturalization Fraud   IPT News   November 10, 2014
Prosecutor: Odeh's "Amazing Series of Coincidences" Indicate Guilt   IPT News   November 7, 2014
Prosecution Witness Contradicts Key Rasmieh Odeh Defense Argument   IPT News   November 6, 2014
Odeh Jury Hears Wildly Differing Theories   IPT News   November 5, 2014
Spinning a Terrorist Into a Victim - Part 5 - A Spin Strategy Larger Than Rasmieh Odeh Herself   IPT News   October 31, 2014
Brookings Scholars Hawk Qatar's Hamas Talking Points   IPT News   October 31, 2014
Spinning a Terrorist Into a Victim - Part 4 - Rasmieh Odeh's Changing Story   IPT News   October 30, 2014
Brookings Takes Both Sides of the Issue on Islamist Censorship   IPT News   October 30, 2014
Spinning a Terrorist Into a Victim - Part 3 - Rasmieh Odeh's Path From Terrorist to American Citizen   IPT News   October 29, 2014
IPT Exclusive: Terror Enablers Join Global Elite at Brookings Forums   IPT News   October 29, 2014
IPT Exclusive: Qatar's Insidious Influence on the Brookings Institution   IPT News   October 28, 2014
Spinning a Terrorist Into a Victim - Part 2 - Rasmieh Odeh's Victims   IPT News   October 28, 2014
Spinning a Terrorist Into a Victim - Part 1 - Who is Rasmieh Odeh?   IPT News   October 27, 2014
Death and Terror in Ottawa   IPT News   October 22, 2014
Comment: How the US first agreed and then refused to help locate a missing IDF soldier   IPT News   October 17, 2014
Syrian Brotherhood Stands Nearer to ISIS Than to U.S.   IPT News   September 16, 2014
Muslim Leaders Insist Islamic State Not Islamic   IPT News   September 10, 2014
Aggressive Propaganda Helps Islamic State Lure Followers Away From Al-Qaida   IPT News   August 20, 2014
CAIR's Identity Crisis: Defending Civil Rights or the Palestinian (Hamas) Struggle?   IPT News   August 11, 2014
Hamas Defenders: Don't Call Them Terrorists   IPT News   August 1, 2014
Emerson to Kerry-Obama: It's Terrorism, Stupid   IPT News   July 28, 2014
Hamas Claims Rockets Only Target Jews   IPT News   July 25, 2014
Democratic Congressman Calls Out Qatar's Hamas Support on Al-Jazeera America   IPT News   July 18, 2014
Hamas-Israel Cease Fire? It's Déjà vu All Over Again   IPT News   July 16, 2014
Latest Palestinian-Israeli Conflict Exposes Surreal Reality   IPT News   July 10, 2014
Greenwald's Underwhelming Surveillance Scoop   IPT News   July 9, 2014
Deporting Al-Arian May Be Easier Said Than Done   IPT News   July 2, 2014
Breaking News: Al-Arian Contempt Case Dropped   IPT News   June 27, 2014
Emboldened ISIS Threatens Americans   IPT News   June 26, 2014
Syrian Brought to US for Democracy Training Endorses Jihadis   IPT News   June 20, 2014
Why is Josh Ruebner standing by a killer?   IPT News   June 13, 2014
New York Times Censors Ad Decrying Islamist Censorship   IPT News   June 5, 2014
Proving Our Point   IPT News   May 23, 2014
9/11 Museum Film's Critic Says Jews Killed Jesus   IPT News   May 14, 2014
The New York Times: Making the World Safe for Terrorism   IPT News   May 13, 2014
Imam Pushing to Sanitize 9/11 Museum's Al-Qaida Film Slurs Jews   IPT News   May 7, 2014
Great Idea, Ibrahim Hooper!   IPT News   April 18, 2014
Chicago ABC Station, Financial Institutions Co-Sponsor CAIR Banquet   IPT News   April 17, 2014
Brandeis Flap Marks Another Win for Islamist Intimidation   IPT News   April 10, 2014
IPT Exclusive: AMP's Telling Choice of Heroes   IPT News   April 8, 2014
Bangladeshi-American Writer Censored, Threatened by Radical Islamist   IPT News   April 4, 2014
Va. Legislator: Dar al-Hijrah Critics Spread Fear and Hate   IPT News   April 3, 2014
IPT Exclusive: State Department Silent About Ayatollah's Holocaust Denial   IPT News   March 26, 2014
CAIR Criticizes Independent Investigation It Requested ... Again   IPT News   March 25, 2014
American Islamist Coalition Launches with Empty Rhetoric   IPT News   March 12, 2014
Iran Bent on Supporting Islamist Terror During Nuclear Talks   IPT News   March 11, 2014
U.S. Funded Syrian Relief Flowed Despite Radical Elements   IPT News   March 5, 2014
IPT Exclusive: An Al Jazeera Anchor's Bloody Call   IPT News   February 25, 2014
IPT Video Report: NYC Pro-Morsi Rally Blasts Saudis as "Dirtier Than Jews"   IPT News   February 13, 2014
DOJ: HLF's Bid To Vacate Trial Outcome "Strains Credulity"   IPT News   February 3, 2014
Turkish Charity Still Not on Terror List Despite Numerous Calls   IPT News   January 29, 2014
IRS Wants Gaza Caravan-Tied Charity's Status Stripped   IPT News   January 23, 2014
IPT Exclusive: Records Prove MB Delegates Skipped Airport Inspections   IPT News   January 17, 2014
IPT Exclusive: Radical Syrian Cleric Secures US Visa Despite Endorsing Suicide Bombings   IPT News   January 14, 2014
IPT Exclusive: Jihad-Supporting Imam Raised Millions on U.S. Fundraising Tour   IPT News   December 11, 2013
IPT EXCLUSIVE: Al-Arian Resurfaces in New American Brotherhood Campaign   IPT News   December 9, 2013
CAIR's Ayloush Gives Dishonest, Bullying Answer to Hamas Question   IPT News   November 18, 2013
Mehanna Ruling Draws Line Between Speech and Material Support   IPT News   November 14, 2013
IPT Rebuttal to Electronic Intifida's Revisionism   IPT News   November 1, 2013
Palestinian Bomber's Chicago Arrest Triggers Misguided Anger   IPT News   October 23, 2013
Dar al-Hijrah Imam Affirms MB Sympathies on Facebook   IPT News   October 22, 2013
Coptic Leaders Condemn Obama Adviser's Anti-Coptic Tweets   IPT News   October 11, 2013
Radical Imagery at NY Muslim Day Parade   IPT News   September 24, 2013
Wolf Demands FBI Punish Agents For CAIR Contact   IPT News   September 19, 2013
Princeton Professor Embraces 9/11 Conspiracy Movement   IPT News   September 12, 2013
Stigmatizing Their Critics - An IPT Video Report   IPT News   August 28, 2013
Christian and Muslim Egyptians Protest Obama Policies at White House   IPT News   August 23, 2013
Translation of Amjad Qourshah Facebook Post   IPT News   August 21, 2013
ICNA-MAS Linked Professor Attacks Christians on Facebook   IPT News   August 21, 2013
Muslim Brotherhood Burns Churches, Scapegoats Christians Following Crackdown   IPT News   August 14, 2013
Pro-Morsi Demonstrations Make MB Ties Harder to Hide   IPT News   August 12, 2013
IPT Video Report: Washington's Muslim Brotherhood Rally   IPT News   August 12, 2013
Rally Organizers Deny Ties with the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood   IPT News   August 9, 2013
Can We Say Goodbye To A Pakistani Spy?   IPT News   August 5, 2013
Egypt MB Protests Underscore Hypocrisy of America's Islamists   IPT News   July 31, 2013
Bangladesh War Crimes Trial Proceeds Without ICNA Official   IPT News   July 24, 2013
Bin Bayyah Statements Underscore Support for Terrorism   IPT News   July 12, 2013
IPT EXCLUSIVE: Pro-Morsi Rally in D.C. A Grand Deception   IPT News   July 11, 2013
Violent MB Rhetoric Fuels Egyptian Tension   IPT News   July 10, 2013
Morsi Removed, Muslim Brotherhood Down…but is it out?   IPT News   July 3, 2013
American Islamists Rally Behind MB Amid Egypt Protests   IPT News   July 2, 2013
Egyptian Protesters Criticize MB Rule and Obama Administration   IPT News   July 1, 2013
Exclusive: Banned Cleric's Outspoken Deputy Visits White House   IPT News   June 26, 2013
Judge Ends Imam's Lawsuit Triggered by IPT Report   IPT News   June 25, 2013
"Grand Deception" Wins Special NYC Film Festival Honor   IPT News   June 24, 2013
Media Analysts Dodge Jihad Connection in Boston, London   IPT News   May 24, 2013
"Grand Deception" Documentary by Steven Emerson Racks Up Film Festival Honors   IPT News   May 17, 2013
A Risky Alliance: The Danger of Arming Syrian Rebels   IPT News   May 16, 2013
The Language of Terror   IPT News   May 14, 2013
CAIR Testimony Reinforces Fringe Ideology   IPT News   May 14, 2013
Keeping Our Heads in the Sand After Boston   IPT News   May 14, 2013
Illinois AG Fights CAIR in Court, Lauds it in Public   IPT News   May 2, 2013
Boston Bomber Exposes Islamist Secret   IPT News   April 23, 2013
The Boston Bombing and the Case for FBI Stings   IPT News   April 22, 2013
Rough Translation of Video Posted by Dzhokhar Tsarnaev   IPT News   April 19, 2013
Bombing Suspects Lauded Jihad   IPT News   April 19, 2013
Obama Supporters Criticize Administration's Muslim Brotherhood Policy   IPT News   April 12, 2013
IPT Report on Saudi Travel Benefit Prompts Congressional Questions   IPT News   March 29, 2013
Hudson Panel: U.S. Ignoring Increasing Christian Persecution   IPT News   March 28, 2013
Little Outcry as Saudis Bulldoze Islam's Holiest Shrines   IPT News   March 25, 2013
Special Travel Benefit for Saudis a "Slap in the Face"   IPT News   March 20, 2013
Coptic Activist: U.S. Needs to Stand for Freedom in Egypt   IPT News   February 28, 2013
CAIR's Walid: Silent on Jihad, Sows Fear of Law Enforcement   IPT News   February 22, 2013
Obama CIA Nominee John Brennan Wrong for the Job   IPT News   February 5, 2013
Additional Morsi, Muslim Brotherhood Anti-Semitic Statements Found   IPT News   January 25, 2013
Cables Show State Department Disregarded Muslim Brotherhood Threat   IPT News   January 8, 2013
Islamist Group Tries to Kill Use of "Islamist"   IPT News   January 4, 2013
CAIR Protests Saudi Radical's Exclusion From U.S.   IPT News   December 27, 2012
Press TV's Obscene Anti-Semitism   IPT News   December 19, 2012
State Department's Continued Outreach to Radicals   IPT News   December 18, 2012
Opposition Leader: Constitution Would Turn Egypt Into New Iran   IPT News   December 7, 2012
CAIR Targets Morsi/Brotherhood Critics   IPT News   December 5, 2012
10 Lies About the Israel-Hamas Conflict   IPT News   December 3, 2012
The Obama Administration's PR Campaign for Morsi and the MB   IPT News   November 29, 2012
Video: Following Gaza's Ceasefire, Cleveland Rally Calls For the Destruction of Israel   IPT News   November 26, 2012
Little Lives and Big Lies   IPT News   November 19, 2012
Beware of 'Pallywood' Magic   IPT News   November 16, 2012
Rockets? What Hamas Rockets?   IPT News   November 15, 2012
More Radicalism From Another White House Guest   IPT News   November 1, 2012
Dems Tap Radical Islamists for Cash   IPT News   November 1, 2012
A Red Carpet for Radicals at the White House   IPT News   October 21, 2012
Sting Foils Bangladeshi Man Intent on Jihad at Federal Reserve   IPT News   October 17, 2012
Muslim Brotherhood's Lies Reach Ridiculous New Depth   IPT News   October 16, 2012
Al-Marayati's Dangerous "Diplomatic" Ideas   IPT News   October 11, 2012
Morsi's Election Can't Erase Radical Record   IPT News   September 25, 2012
Committee Chairs Want Answers on Blind Sheikh Release   IPT News   September 20, 2012
CAIR Rep: Violence Shows It's America That Needs to Change   IPT News   September 18, 2012
Change in Tone or Tactic?   IPT News   September 12, 2012
PA, Islamists Push Blood Libel Against Israel   IPT News   September 6, 2012
Guest Column: Crucifixions, Not Fictions   IPT News   September 4, 2012
CAIR's Next Generation Radical   IPT News   August 29, 2012
Israel, America Bashed at Iranian-Inspired DC Rally   IPT News   August 20, 2012
Ex Brotherhood Official Showcases Islamist Doublespeak   IPT News   August 10, 2012
ICNA Embraces America's Favorite Salafi Preacher   IPT News   August 1, 2012
On Death and Palestinian Culture   IPT News   July 31, 2012
Exclusive: ADC's Misleading Sob Story on Elashi Brothers   IPT News   July 13, 2012
Rahm Emmanuel's Confounding CAIR Appointment   IPT News   July 3, 2012
Exclusive: Muslim Brotherhood Preaching Israel Destruction After Election   IPT News   June 27, 2012
Brotherhood Victory Opens Door for Islamists   IPT News   June 26, 2012
Long "South Park" Sentence a Win for Free Speech   IPT News   June 22, 2012
Little Movement in Latest Radicalization Hearing   IPT News   June 20, 2012
No Honor Among Thieves: Infighting Dooms New Hamas Convoy   IPT News   June 14, 2012
Chelsea's Got Talent – Flacking for the Islamophobia Industry   IPT News   June 12, 2012
Terror Victim's Family "Resolved to Fight Injustice"   IPT News   June 6, 2012
Dawud Walid, the Quran and Jews   IPT News   June 4, 2012
LA Top Cops Partner With Islamists   IPT News   June 1, 2012
"The Reason is Religion, Mom"   IPT News   May 24, 2012
"Nakba Day" Fizzles   IPT News   May 18, 2012
Malik Ali Brings the Crazy to Irvine Speech   IPT News   May 17, 2012
"Mainstream" Islamist Group Attacks Law Enforcement and Whitewashes Jihadists   IPT News   May 14, 2012
American Islamists Push Negative American Image   IPT News   May 9, 2012
Jamal Badawi: Enduring Link to ISNA's Radical Past   IPT News   May 8, 2012
Awlaki Acknowledges His Radical Past   IPT News   May 4, 2012
The End of the Inspire Era   IPT News   May 3, 2012
ICNA Relief Promotes Jihad Donations   IPT News   May 2, 2012
White House Walks Back NYPD Support   IPT News   April 27, 2012
ICNA's Radicalization Continues   IPT News   April 25, 2012
Islamist Fellow Traveler: Rep Bill Pascrell   IPT News   April 23, 2012
Al-Arian Surfaces With Self-Serving Skype   IPT News   April 20, 2012
MPAC Reposts Pro-Terrorist Article   IPT News   April 19, 2012
IPT Exclusive: Jihadis' New Toulouse Inspiration   IPT News   April 18, 2012
British Lord Puts Bounty on American Presidents   IPT News   April 16, 2012
Brotherhood Too Tame for Egyptian Presidential Contender   IPT News   April 13, 2012
Islamists Victimize Alawadi a Second Time   IPT News   April 12, 2012
MB Charm Offensive Courts Washington   IPT News   April 9, 2012
IPT Exclusive: State Department Barred Inspection of Muslim Brotherhood Delegation   IPT News   April 9, 2012
Egyptian Liberals Speak Out Against Brotherhood   IPT News   April 3, 2012
Jasser's Appointment Riles Islamists   IPT News   March 30, 2012
Hamas' Parent Comes to America   IPT News   March 28, 2012
Islamist Fellow Travelers: An IPT Series   IPT News   March 26, 2012
Report Claims ICNA Imam Facing Indictment   IPT News   March 22, 2012
IPT Exclusive: Under Oath, Alamoudi Ties MAS To Brotherhood   IPT News   March 14, 2012
American Islamist Groups Mum on Iranian Repression   IPT News   March 8, 2012
Past Plots Help Explain New Concerns Over Jewish Targets   IPT News   March 7, 2012
Chicago Police Dept. Embraces Hamas Front   IPT News   March 2, 2012
Why Muslim Student Group Concerned the NYPD   IPT News   February 24, 2012
Latest NC Terror Report Offers More Baseless Conclusions   IPT News   February 21, 2012
Emails Disclose Galloway's Syrian Support   IPT News   February 13, 2012
South Park Plea Exposes Network of Homegrown Radicals   IPT News   February 9, 2012
Of Mosques and Men   IPT News   February 7, 2012
Planting Trees is Racist?!   IPT News   February 3, 2012
The New York Times Collaborates with Hamas Front Group to Suppress the Truth   IPT News   January 25, 2012
Ohio Fire Illuminates CAIR's Inconsistency   IPT News   January 20, 2012
U.S. May Release Senior Taliban Terrorists   IPT News   January 18, 2012
CAIR's Manipulation Tactics in Tampa   IPT News   January 11, 2012
CAIR-FL Director Defends Terror Suspect…Again   IPT News   January 11, 2012
Terror in Tampa- CAIR Denial   IPT News   January 9, 2012
Muslim Brotherhood Realities New and Old   IPT News   January 5, 2012
Egypt's Winds of Change Give Way to Dark Clouds   IPT News   December 29, 2011
Hizballah Fundraising and Operations in the US and Latin America   IPT News   December 27, 2011
State Department 'Panders' to Islamists on Free Speech   IPT News   December 22, 2011
University Mum on Radical Chaplain   IPT News   December 21, 2011
Massachusetts Man Convicted of Terror Support   IPT News   December 20, 2011
Raising Money for "Lady Al-Qaida"   IPT News   December 19, 2011
American Muslims for Palestine's Web of Hamas Support   IPT News   December 14, 2011
House Report: Islamists Targeting the Military   IPT News   December 7, 2011
Prosecutor Warns Not to Ignore al-Shabaab Threat   IPT News   December 6, 2011
Time for Domestic Anti-Radicalization Program   IPT News   December 5, 2011
Conspiracies, Terrorist Defense Videoed at Anti NYPD Rally   IPT News   December 1, 2011
SJP's "Dialogue" Goes Nowhere   IPT News   November 30, 2011
Is the Occupy Wall Street Movement Occupied?   IPT News   November 29, 2011
The Ideas Behind the Alleged Bomber   IPT News   November 21, 2011
Protesting Hate by Promoting Anti-Semitism   IPT News   November 18, 2011
American Islamists and Iranian Propaganda   IPT News   November 16, 2011
Tunisian Pledges a New Caliphate   IPT News   November 16, 2011
CAIR Slams Muslim Foes of al-Shabaab   IPT News   November 15, 2011
Top CAIR Fundraiser Aids Florida Incumbent   IPT News   November 8, 2011
Rice: Abbas Rejected Olmert Peace Plan   IPT News   November 1, 2011
Media Whitewash Ghannouchi's Radical Islamist Views   IPT News   October 31, 2011
Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas Committed to Terror   IPT News   October 26, 2011
The FBI, CAIR and Subterfuge in Connecticut   IPT News   October 24, 2011
CAIR's Odd Stand on Iranian Assassination Plot   IPT News   October 19, 2011
Israel Braces for Schalit Return, Terrorist Release   IPT News   October 17, 2011
Schalit Swap Will Put More Terrorists on the Streets   IPT News   October 13, 2011
ACLU and Islamists vs. the FBI...Yet Again   IPT News   October 12, 2011
Indictment Alleges Syrian Plot to Silence U.S. Protestors   IPT News   October 12, 2011
Iran-tied Assassination, Bombing Plot Disrupted   IPT News   October 11, 2011
Abbas Could Be Next Domino to Fall   IPT News   October 7, 2011
Making Martyrs of the Irvine 11   IPT News   October 3, 2011
Exclusive: The Inside Story Behind the Awlaki Assassination   IPT News   September 30, 2011
Breaking News: Awlaki, Samir Khan Reportedly Dead   IPT News   September 30, 2011
Turkey's Diplomatic War on Israel   IPT News   September 28, 2011
DOJ Releases Islamic Bank Agreement   IPT News   September 25, 2011
Ten Convicted in "Irvine 11" Case   IPT News   September 23, 2011
Spreading the Message: Al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb   IPT News   September 16, 2011
Hearing: U.S. Must Respond if UN Declares Palestinian State   IPT News   September 15, 2011
Al-Qaida in Iraq: Jihadists in Decline   IPT News   September 15, 2011
Al-Qaida's Arabian Branch   IPT News   September 14, 2011
Al-Shabaab: A Jihadist Threat to America   IPT News   September 13, 2011
Al-Qaida in Pakistan: Down, But Not Out   IPT News   September 12, 2011
Terror's Evolving Threat: The Al-Qaida Network in 2011   IPT News   September 11, 2011
ICNA Still Promotes Radical Texts   IPT News   September 9, 2011
Ten Years Later, Radical Islam Still a Taboo Subject   IPT News   September 8, 2011
IPT Special Report: Terror Threat Against U.S.   IPT News   September 8, 2011
UN Flotilla Report Backs Israeli Policy   IPT News   September 2, 2011
HLF Defense Argues to Overturn Convictions   IPT News   September 1, 2011
Terrorist Prison Blues   IPT News   August 30, 2011
Wolf: DOJ Needs to Release Terror Finance Information   IPT News   August 26, 2011
Mother Jones Report Scrubs Facts of Terrorists' Predisposition   IPT News   August 25, 2011
DOJ Keeping Islamic Bank Settlement Secret   IPT News   August 25, 2011
Hamas in Political, Financial Squeeze   IPT News   August 24, 2011
Zawahiri: Co-opting Syria's Revolution   IPT News   August 19, 2011
Lawsuit Details Depth of Berkeley Jewish Student Harassment   IPT News   August 12, 2011
Hizballah, Damascus Under Siege   IPT News   August 11, 2011
Group Claims to Hoist al-Qaida Flag in Sinai   IPT News   August 5, 2011
Vast Majority of Muslim Americans Don't Identify with CAIR   IPT News   August 3, 2011
Justice Elusive for Americans Killed in Gaza   IPT News   August 1, 2011
Fort Hood Targeted for Second Terrorist Attack   IPT News   July 28, 2011
House Panel: al-Shabaab Poses "Direct Threat" to U.S.   IPT News   July 27, 2011
Pakistan's Double Cross   IPT News   July 26, 2011
Little Rock Jihadist Sentenced to Life   IPT News   July 25, 2011
Shabaab Essay Boasts of Western Recruits   IPT News   July 20, 2011
Latest al-Qaida Magazine Touts Gains and Losses   IPT News   July 19, 2011
Pakistan's Alleged American Influence Campaign   IPT News   July 19, 2011
The Life of a Jihadi Internet Post   IPT News   July 18, 2011
Poll Exposes Palestinians' Peace Opposition   IPT News   July 15, 2011
CAIR Spokesman Turns Blind Eye to "War on Islam" Rhetoric   IPT News   July 11, 2011
Hizb ut-Tahrir: Islam Has Replaced Communism as Top U.S. Enemy   IPT News   July 11, 2011
House Hearing: Hizballah Threat Looms in U.S. Backyard   IPT News   July 8, 2011
"War on Islam" Fuels Plots on Military Recruiting Centers   IPT News   July 7, 2011
Radical Islamist Group Tries to Branch Out   IPT News   July 6, 2011
Radical Flotilla Roster Portends Another Violent Clash   IPT News   June 30, 2011
Men Convicted in Synagogue Bomb Plot Sentenced to 25 Years   IPT News   June 29, 2011
Brotherhood Assurances Not Backed by Track Record   IPT News   June 28, 2011
Revised FBI Guidelines Will Aid Terrorism Fight   IPT News   June 24, 2011
CAIR Loses IRS Status   IPT News   June 22, 2011
MAS' Activist Wing Closes Shop   IPT News   June 21, 2011
CAIR Taps Hizballah Apologist for Tampa Office   IPT News   June 20, 2011
Al-Qaida Leadership Reborn   IPT News   June 16, 2011
Al-Qaida Issues New Mail Bombing Threat   IPT News   June 15, 2011
Hearing Addresses Inmate Conversions to "Prislam"   IPT News   June 15, 2011
Hearing Offers Eyewitness Accounts of Prison Radicalization   IPT News   June 14, 2011
Jihadi Media Joins Facebook   IPT News   June 10, 2011
NYU's Superficial Entrapment Study   IPT News   June 9, 2011
Jury Deliberates Chicago Businessman's Ties to Mumbai, Denmark Plots   IPT News   June 8, 2011
Ghadry: Assad Will Fall, But the Brotherhood May Follow   IPT News   June 6, 2011
Flotilla Organizers Vow to Defy International Pressure   IPT News   June 2, 2011
The World According to Amir Mertaban   IPT News   June 1, 2011
Jihad in the Digital Age   IPT News   May 31, 2011
FBI Official: Illinois Imam Wouldn't Pass Background Check   IPT News   May 27, 2011
Trial's First Week Reinforces Pakistani Intelligence Suspicions   IPT News   May 27, 2011
Defense Attorneys Challenge Headley's Credibility   IPT News   May 26, 2011
Galloway Meets With Another Terrorist Group   IPT News   May 26, 2011
Testimony Details Mumbai, Denmark Plots   IPT News   May 25, 2011
Islamists Target Egypt's Christians   IPT News   May 25, 2011
Hamas' New Social Media Push   IPT News   May 23, 2011
Post Bin Laden, Pakistan's Actions Yet to Show Commitment to Al-Qaida Fight   IPT News   May 20, 2011
Al-Qaida: New Leader or New Path?   IPT News   May 19, 2011
Trial Poses New Challenge to U.S.-Pakistani Relations   IPT News   May 17, 2011
Egypt's Transition Emboldens Brotherhood   IPT News   May 16, 2011
South Florida Imams Accused of Taliban Support   IPT News   May 16, 2011
The Next Bin Laden   IPT News   May 13, 2011
NYPD Handles Synagogue Terror Plot   IPT News   May 12, 2011
CAIR's Great FBI Scare Lecture   IPT News   May 10, 2011
TV Networks Promote Evangelical Islamists   IPT News   May 9, 2011
MAS Official: Bin Laden a "Visionary"   IPT News   May 6, 2011
Homeland Security Hearing Casts Doubts on U.S. Relations with Pakistan   IPT News   May 4, 2011
Al-Qaida's New Battle Hardened, Difficult Leader   IPT News   May 3, 2011
Intel Community Warns of Imminent Threat of Retaliatory Attacks   IPT News   May 2, 2011
Why We're No Safer Today   IPT News   May 2, 2011
Somali Human Smuggler Sentenced to 10 Years   IPT News   April 29, 2011
Visa Security Program Plagued by Discord, Confusion   IPT News   April 29, 2011
Human Smuggling Case Evokes South America's Terror-Linked History   IPT News   April 26, 2011
The Case Against Omar Ahmad   IPT News   April 25, 2011
Orange County's Misguided Award   IPT News   April 21, 2011
Reconsidering the Brotherhood's Inevitability   IPT News   April 20, 2011
IPT Profiles Hamza Yusuf   IPT News   April 18, 2011
The Making of an American Jihadist: Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad   IPT News   April 15, 2011
Keith Ellison's Slurs   IPT News   April 13, 2011
D.C. Metro Bomb Plotter Pleads Guilty   IPT News   April 11, 2011
Hizballah Targets Tel Aviv   IPT News   April 8, 2011
Mueller Talks Budget Challenges, Reaffirms CAIR Ban   IPT News   April 6, 2011
Turning the Revolution Islamist   IPT News   April 1, 2011
Chavez Embraces Gaddafi and Tehran   IPT News   March 31, 2011
New al-Qaida Magazine Lauds Arab Revolutions   IPT News   March 30, 2011
Senate Hearing Juggles Rights, Terror Concerns   IPT News   March 29, 2011
Durbin's Flawed Hearing   IPT News   March 28, 2011
Prosecutors: Somali Smuggled Jihadists into U.S.   IPT News   March 25, 2011
No Holds Barred at Islamist Confab   IPT News   March 23, 2011
CAIR Officials Sought Gaddafi Money   IPT News   March 22, 2011
NYT Profile: Qadhi a Peaceful Radical   IPT News   March 18, 2011
Al-Shabaab Plagued by Defeats, Desertion   IPT News   March 17, 2011
Ex-CAIR Official Faces Sentencing   IPT News   March 16, 2011
New Magazine Aims to Push Jihadi Women   IPT News   March 14, 2011
Compelling Testimony, Political Theater at Radicalization Hearing   IPT News   March 10, 2011
Islamists Dominate DOJ's List of Terror Prosecutions   IPT News   March 9, 2011
Witness List Set for King Hearing   IPT News   March 7, 2011
Attacks, Attempts Show Cost of Radicalization   IPT News   March 4, 2011
Hearing: Yemen's Instability is al-Qaida's Gain   IPT News   March 2, 2011
Bylaws Disappear from Brotherhood's English-language Site   IPT News   February 28, 2011
Another Brick in CAIR's Wall of Resistance   IPT News   February 25, 2011
In Libya, an al-Qaida Ally Lurks in the Shadows   IPT News   February 24, 2011
Administration Deliberately Vague on Brotherhood   IPT News   February 22, 2011
Documents Show Jihadists Seek Mass-Destruction Weapons   IPT News   February 18, 2011
Qaradawi's Ominous Return to Egypt   IPT News   February 17, 2011
Brotherhood Not Extremist, Intel Leaders Say   IPT News   February 16, 2011
AlMaghrib Institute: Sharia for Egypt and the West   IPT News   February 14, 2011
Mubarak Out, Brotherhood Remains Primed   IPT News   February 11, 2011
FBI Chief: Muslim Brotherhood Supports Terrorism   IPT News   February 10, 2011
N.C. Man Pleads Guilty to Terrorism Charges   IPT News   February 9, 2011
On Capitol Hill, MPAC Panel Seeks to Whitewash Jihadist Threat   IPT News   February 9, 2011
CAIR's Self-Serving Third Jihad Complaint   IPT News   February 8, 2011
America and the Brotherhood   IPT News   February 7, 2011
Investigation Spotlights Pakistan's Continuing Role in Protecting Jihadists   IPT News   February 4, 2011
Brotherhood Statements Foster Confusion   IPT News   February 4, 2011
Senate Fort Hood Report Blasts Defense Timidity   IPT News   February 3, 2011
Government Rebuts Convicted Hamas Charity's Appeal   IPT News   February 2, 2011
Egypt's Future and the Chameleon Muslim Brotherhood   IPT News   January 31, 2011
Flotilla Violence Was Self Defense, Panel Finds   IPT News   January 25, 2011
IPT Profiles Zaid Shakir   IPT News   January 24, 2011
The Tug of War for Tunisia   IPT News   January 23, 2011
CAIR's Deceptive Spin on FBI Support   IPT News   January 21, 2011
Hariri Indictment Spikes Lebanese Tensions   IPT News   January 20, 2011
Gov. Christie's Strange Relationship with Radical Islam   IPT News   January 19, 2011
Inspire Issue 4: An Open Front Jihad   IPT News   January 16, 2011
The Middle East's Christian Onslaught   IPT News   January 14, 2011
How Tehran/Damascus Terror Axis Targets Israel   IPT News   January 13, 2011
CAIR Imagery Makes Obstructionist Goal Clear   IPT News   January 12, 2011
A New Role for Jihadi Media   IPT News   January 11, 2011
Disappointing Silence on Pakistani Blasphemy Murder   IPT News   January 7, 2011
Swedish Terror Suspect's "Tourism" Dodge   IPT News   January 4, 2011
Islamists Blame Jews for Coptic Church Bombing   IPT News   January 3, 2011
Conferences Make AMP's Destructive Ambition Clear   IPT News   December 30, 2010
Terror Threat in Spain Continues   IPT News   December 27, 2010
Dawud Walid Unhinged   IPT News   December 23, 2010
Jihadi Adjustments Seen as U.S. Gears for Holiday   IPT News   December 22, 2010
Wikileaks: Arab Resistance to Fighting Terror   IPT News   December 21, 2010
MPAC Whitewashes Terror Threat While Condemning Law Enforcement   IPT News   December 20, 2010
Missing Sweden's Bomber   IPT News   December 17, 2010
Accused Bomb Plotter's Mosque Tied to Radical Group   IPT News   December 16, 2010
International Al-Qaida Plots Include U.S. as Target   IPT News   December 16, 2010
MPAC Conference Features Radicals   IPT News   December 15, 2010
State Cables Reflect North Africa Concern   IPT News   December 10, 2010
The Jihadist Social Network Underworld   IPT News   December 10, 2010
An IPT Investigation: Islamic Group's Database Found to be Fraudulent   IPT News   December 9, 2010
Baltimore Terror Plot Disrupted   IPT News   December 8, 2010
Judge Dismisses al-Awlaki Suit   IPT News   December 7, 2010
Hand Book Shows ICNA's True Goals   IPT News   December 6, 2010
UC, Irvine's Toothless Suspension   IPT News   December 3, 2010
Al-Shabaab's New Recruitment Video   IPT News   December 2, 2010
Tree-Lighting Plot Not Portland's First Terrorism Activity   IPT News   December 1, 2010
The Empty Entrapment Argument   IPT News   December 1, 2010
US Ambassador Visits UK Mosque With Radical Ties   IPT News   December 1, 2010
CAIR Rep's Right Idea, Wrong Message   IPT News   November 30, 2010
Hamas and Palestinian Suffering   IPT News   November 29, 2010
State Department Docs Shed New Light on Peace Efforts   IPT News   November 28, 2010
Worldwide Response to Mumbai Attacks   IPT News   November 24, 2010
Awlaki's Ubiquitous Online Presence   IPT News   November 23, 2010
Federal Judge Agrees: CAIR Tied to Hamas   IPT News   November 22, 2010
Al-Qaeda's Inspire Magazine – Special Edition   IPT News   November 22, 2010
America's Surprisingly Rich History of Hizballah Prosecutions   IPT News   November 19, 2010
New Details Show Islamic "Charity" Funded Chechen Militants   IPT News   November 19, 2010
Hizballah's Brash U.S. Supporters   IPT News   November 18, 2010
Hizballah's American Operations   IPT News   November 17, 2010
LA Law Enforcement Conference on "Radicalization" Features Islamist Radicals who have Impeded U.S. Counterterrorism Efforts   IPT News   November 17, 2010
Executive Summary: LA Law Enforcement Conference on "Radicalization" Features Islamist Radicals who have Impeded U.S. Counterterrorism Efforts   IPT News   November 17, 2010
The Awlaki Effect   IPT News   November 15, 2010
"Moderate" Qaradawi Defends Hitler and Nuclear Terror   IPT News   November 9, 2010
Targeted Killing of Awlaki Debated in Federal Court   IPT News   November 9, 2010
CAIR Double Standard Alert   IPT News   November 8, 2010
A "Greater Understanding" of NPR's Kid-Glove Approach to Islamists   IPT News   November 5, 2010
Virginia Imam's Long Radical Record   IPT News   November 4, 2010
Revolution Muslim Threatens British Parliamentarians   IPT News   November 4, 2010
Somali Indictments Tied Together   IPT News   November 3, 2010
Revolution Muslim Shifting from Ideological to Operational   IPT News   November 2, 2010
Cargo Bomb Maker Discovered   IPT News   November 1, 2010
National Security and the Media   IPT News   October 30, 2010
Viva Palestina's Gleeful PIJ Meeting   IPT News   October 29, 2010
Alleged DC Terror Plotter Had At Least One Associate   IPT News   October 28, 2010
Judge Cancels Al-Arian Hearing Again   IPT News   October 28, 2010
Arrests Seen as Part of a Wider Plot   IPT News   October 27, 2010
Note to Readers on Tennessean Story   IPT News   October 25, 2010
ICNA Sponsors Fundamentalist's Roadshow   IPT News   October 22, 2010
Juan, I Know Just How You Feel   IPT News   October 22, 2010
HLF Defendants Appeal Convictions   IPT News   October 20, 2010
The Fact-Free World of Dawud Walid   IPT News   October 18, 2010
Groups' Reflexive Rhetoric Ignores Facts   IPT News   October 15, 2010
Awlaki Suit Reveals Targeting Methods   IPT News   October 13, 2010
Latest al-Qaida Magazine Stokes Homegrown Terror   IPT News   October 12, 2010
Illinois Imam Misrepresented Role With Hamas Front Under Oath   IPT News   October 7, 2010
CAIR, Academic Scheme to Inflate Book Sales   IPT News   October 6, 2010
GZM Imam Filed False Tax Form   IPT News   October 1, 2010
Moderate Muslims Speak Out on Capitol Hill   IPT News   October 1, 2010
IPT Testifies on Trends in Terror Financing   IPT News   September 30, 2010
MPAC's One-Way Street on Cooperation   IPT News   September 30, 2010
US Islamists Take Issue with Bangladesh's Crackdown on Radicals   IPT News   September 29, 2010
Washington's Schizophrenic Approach Toward the Muslim Brotherhood   IPT News   September 28, 2010
GZM Imam's Malaysia Connections   IPT News   September 24, 2010
Rauf's Group Claims Credit for 'Training' NY Times Reporter   IPT News   September 20, 2010
Convoy Still Rolls As Aid Flows   IPT News   September 17, 2010
Field Trip Prayer Prompts Apology   IPT News   September 16, 2010
Ground Zero Mosque Group Includes 9/11 Denier   IPT News   September 13, 2010
Founder of Islamic Charity Convicted   IPT News   September 10, 2010
Trial Exposes Charity Abuse   IPT News   September 8, 2010
Another Islamist Rally for Hate in D.C.   IPT News   September 4, 2010
Questions Raised About Rauf's Nonexistent Mosque   IPT News   September 1, 2010
The State Department's Poor Choices of Muslim Outreach Emissaries   IPT News   August 27, 2010
The Tangled Web of the GZM Imam's Organizations Raises Questions   IPT News   August 26, 2010
The Ground Zero Mosque's Muslim Opponents   IPT News   August 25, 2010
Rauf Lecture Reveals Radicalism   IPT News   August 23, 2010
Jihad's Ugly American Face   IPT News   August 20, 2010
MAS Ducks IPT Questions   IPT News   August 17, 2010
Promoting Radical Ideas – What ICNA Demands of its Members   IPT News   August 10, 2010
Minneapolis Somalis Played Key Role in al-Shabaab Investigation   IPT News   August 6, 2010
The New York Times' Grand Deception   IPT News   August 5, 2010
IPT Unveils Updated Interactive Terror History Map   IPT News   August 2, 2010
CAIR – Suspected and Supported by the Federal Government   IPT News   July 30, 2010
Awlaki's U.S. Sermons Foreshadow Role as Terrorist Mentor   IPT News   July 26, 2010
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Pakistani Terror Group Lashkar-e Tayyiba Extends Tentacles in United States   IPT News   June 30, 2010
MPAC Denounces Hamas…In Words Only   IPT News   June 28, 2010
Illinois Police Rescind Chaplain Offer to HLF Fundraiser   IPT News   June 23, 2010
Ilyas Kashmiri - Pakistan's Frankenstein   IPT News   June 22, 2010
Supreme Court Upholds Material Support Law   IPT News   June 21, 2010
Mansur: Ignoring Muslim-on-Muslim Violence Undercuts U.S. Interests   IPT News   June 15, 2010
MSU Suspended Over Oren Protest   IPT News   June 14, 2010
Mahdi Bray's Slippery Evasions   IPT News   June 10, 2010
IHH's Deep, Longstanding Terror Ties   IPT News   June 9, 2010
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Law Enforcement Fears Shabaab Infiltration   IPT News   June 4, 2010
Double Standards on Hamas Action Against Palestinians   IPT News   June 2, 2010
Violence and Humanitarian Aid   IPT News   June 1, 2010
UPDATED: Confrontation Looms Over Gaza Flotilla   IPT News   May 26, 2010
Brennan Seeks Non-Existent Hizballah Moderates   IPT News   May 24, 2010
Hearing Verifies Reports on Times Square Bomb Plotter   IPT News   May 19, 2010
CAIR's Emerging News Network   IPT News   May 17, 2010
Government Outreach with Terror-tied Mosque Continues   IPT News   May 14, 2010
Malik Ali: Supports Hamas and Hizballah Over "New Nazis"   IPT News   May 13, 2010
Government Pays Mosque it Considers Radical   IPT News   May 10, 2010
Concerns Grow Over Shifting Terror Targets   IPT News   May 7, 2010
Note to Readers on our Redesign   IPT News   May 7, 2010
Berman Book Showcases Intellectual Double Standards on Islamists   IPT News   May 5, 2010
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ICNA's Radical Reading List   IPT News   April 27, 2010
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Dalia Mogahed: A Muslim George Gallup or Islamist Ideologue?   IPT News   April 15, 2010
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Federal Court's Ruling Poses Threat to Terror-Finance Investigation   IPT News   April 1, 2010
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Full Audio of Keith Ellison's Remarks at Esam Omeish Fundraiser   IPT News   March 23, 2010
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Defensiveness Dominates Homeland Security Session   IPT News   March 17, 2010
House Hearing on Extremism Caters to Islamists   IPT News   March 16, 2010
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DOJ: CAIR's Unindicted Co-Conspirator Status Legit   IPT News   March 12, 2010
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Material Support at the Supreme Court   IPT News   February 19, 2010
Questions for America's New OIC Envoy   IPT News   February 18, 2010
The War of Ideas Ends in Bizarro World   IPT News   February 17, 2010
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Hate Speech Long an MPAC Specialty   IPT News   February 10, 2010
MPAC Pursues Islamist Ideology in Guise of Civil Rights Defender   IPT News   February 9, 2010
George Galloway Returns to the U.S. Amid Allegations of Terrorism Support   IPT News   February 8, 2010
How the Christmas Bomber Spent his Summer in the United States   IPT News   February 5, 2010
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Jihadist Recruitment's Human Toll: One American Family's Experience   IPT News   January 29, 2010
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Intelligence Community to Congress: Failed Christmas Day Bombing a 'Systematic Failure'   IPT News   January 28, 2010
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Fr0m Th3 Cyb3r Battle L1nes: Who Should Lead the Charge?   IPT News   January 14, 2010
Little to Learn from Duke/UNC Study of Anti-Terror Lessons   IPT News   January 11, 2010
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Breaking News: Pakistan Reportedly Detains Five D.C.-Area Muslims on Suspicion of Terror   IPT News   December 8, 2009
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Radical Movement's Leader Forecasts America's Demise   IPT News   December 4, 2009
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Introspection, Not Rationalization, Needed in Wake of Fort Hood Slaughter   IPT News   November 6, 2009
IPT Executive Director Steven Emerson on the Fort Hood Attacks   IPT News   November 6, 2009
Exploiting the Luqman Abdullah Shooting   IPT News   November 3, 2009
Islamists Urge Government to Keep Imam's Faith Out of Detroit Case   IPT News   October 29, 2009
Imam Killed, 10 Others Arrested in Detroit Case   IPT News   October 28, 2009
More Anti-Semitism From an ISNA Outlet   IPT News   October 23, 2009
Terror Cases Share Desire to Kill Americans   IPT News   October 21, 2009
Book Exposes CAIR's Exaggerations, Efforts to Stymie Law Enforcement   IPT News   October 15, 2009
Treasury: Al Qaida in "weakest financial condition in years"   IPT News   October 14, 2009
IPT Report Documents Viva Palestina's Hamas Support   IPT News   October 8, 2009
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Don't (Always) Believe the Hype   IPT News   September 2, 2009 at 9:39 am
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The Enemy of My Enemy   IPT News   August 7, 2009
U.S. Taxpayers Fund Pro-Hamas Propaganda   IPT News   August 6, 2009
Carolina Jihad Suspect Talked of Domestic Attacks   IPT News   August 4, 2009
Behind the Convoy, Hamas Lurks   IPT News   July 31, 2009
House Dems Carry Islamists' Water   IPT News   July 28, 2009
Anti-Semitic, Anti-Christian Propaganda on Display at Caliphate Conference   IPT News   July 24, 2009
Library Association Abandons Principle, Allows Censorship   IPT News   July 21, 2009
Hizb Ut-Tahrir: Shariah Takes Precedence over U.S. Constitution   IPT News   July 20, 2009
Hizb ut-Tahrir: Spread Islam or Die Trying   IPT News   July 19, 2009
Hizb ut-Tahrir: Constitution Will Lose   IPT News   July 19, 2009
Hizb ut-Tahrir In America: Preaching Hate, Building A Caliphate   IPT News   July 17, 2009
Ptech Officials Indicted for Allegedly Concealing Terror Financier's Assets   IPT News   July 16, 2009
ISNA's Non-Apology Apology   IPT News   July 13, 2009
Pro-Terror Group to Meet in Chicago Suburb   IPT News   July 10, 2009
"Mainstream" Islamist Convention Features Hate Speech and Hezbollah Defense   IPT News   July 8, 2009
ISNA's Reform Hasn't Shed It of Radical Ideologues   IPT News   July 2, 2009
Saudi Hate Film Draws (Private) State Department Fire   IPT News   June 29, 2009
FBI Replaces Brotherhood-Tainted Liaison with Brotherhood-Tainted Liaison   IPT News   June 25, 2009
ACLU Recommendations Would Mean "More Money for Hamas"   IPT News   June 22, 2009
"Birds of Paradise" – Martyrdom Recruitment as Children's Entertainment   IPT News   June 19, 2009
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9/11 Families: Obama Favors Saudi Terror Financiers Over Victims   IPT News   June 9, 2009
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Arkansas Shooter Studied Under Yemeni Radicals   IPT News   June 2, 2009
Covering for the Radicals: The Mainstream Media's "Usual Bunch"   IPT News   May 29, 2009
HLF Founders Sentenced to Long Prison Terms   IPT News   May 27, 2009
State Department Continues Islamist Outreach   IPT News   May 17, 2009
Jordanian Brotherhood Chief Tied to Virginia Islamist Think Tank   IPT News   May 15, 2009
Arizona Man Admits Lying About HLF Support   IPT News   May 8, 2009
FBI Explains Its CAIR Cut Off   IPT News   May 7, 2009
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University Officials Struggle to Explain Israeli Divestment Moves   IPT News   February 13, 2009
King Urges Protection for U.S. Authors in "Libel Tourism" Hearing   IPT News   February 12, 2009
Qaradawi's Extremism Laid Bare   IPT News   February 6, 2009
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U.S. Army War College Publishes Apologia for Hamas   IPT News   January 21, 2009
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Al-Arian Contempt Case Survives Challenges   IPT News   January 16, 2009
Gaza War Protests or Pro-Hamas Hate Rallies?   IPT News   January 14, 2009
Ex-Texas Imam Urges Muslims to Join the Gaza Battlefield   IPT News   January 12, 2009
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Five Radical Islamists Convicted Of Conspiring To Kill U.S. Soldiers   IPT News   December 22, 2008
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New Danish Book Draws Jihadist Ire   IPT News   December 5, 2008
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They're Winning   IPT News   December 1, 2008
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Purpose of HLF's Charity Debated in Closing Arguments   IPT News   November 10, 2008
Ex-Diplomat Defends Zakat Committees, HLF Defense Rests   IPT News   November 7, 2008
Misplaced Criticism of U.S. Immigration Security Efforts   IPT News   November 7, 2008
Bookkeeper Defends HLF Accounting   IPT News   November 6, 2008
HLF Defense Expert Offers Alternate Interpretations   IPT News   November 4, 2008
Israeli Official Details Zakat Committee Links to Hamas   IPT News   October 30, 2008
MSA Chapter Official: Don't Vote; Destroy   IPT News   October 28, 2008
Israeli Official Links Hamas Social Work to Political Power   IPT News   October 27, 2008
Expert Witness: Social Support a Staple of Terrorist Groups   IPT News   October 23, 2008
HLF Prosecution Offers Jurors a Guide to Evidence   IPT News   October 21, 2008
HLF Judge Admits Palestinian Evidence   IPT News   October 20, 2008
Congress Cozying Up to CAIR   IPT News   October 17, 2008
HLF Insider Ties Charity to Hamas   IPT News   October 17, 2008
A Security-Conscious Charity   IPT News   October 14, 2008
HLF's Hamas Fundraisers Don't Add Up   IPT News   October 9, 2008
Hamas Leaders Dominate HLF Speakers List   IPT News   October 7, 2008
Supreme Court Rejects Al-Arian Appeal   IPT News   October 6, 2008
HLF Defense: Volume, Volume, Volume   IPT News   October 4, 2008
"It is time for you to pledge death"   IPT News   October 2, 2008
Hamas Deputy Chief Settled U.S. Funding Dispute   IPT News   September 30, 2008
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Spinning the Asbahi Resignation   IPT News   August 7, 2008
Ex Presidential Candidate Advocates Stalking Prosecutor   IPT News   August 5, 2008
Forgotten Investigation, Emails Offer Insight into IIIT Probe   IPT News   August 3, 2008
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More Perils of Interfaith Dialogue   IPT News   July 23, 2008
New Disclosures Tighten ISNA-Muslim Brotherhood Bonds   IPT News   July 22, 2008
U.S. Brotherhood's Boomerang Effect   IPT News   July 18, 2008
Uncommon Senate Hearing Discusses Islamist Group Agendas   IPT News   July 17, 2008
Organizer's Past Raises Questions About Madrid Interfaith Conference   IPT News   July 15, 2008
Guest Column: Ingrid Mattson vs. Freedom of Speech   IPT News   July 11, 2008
Judge Orders Al-Arian's Release on Bond   IPT News   July 10, 2008
Al-Arian Trial Set for August   IPT News   June 30, 2008
Prior Rulings Could Crimp Al-Arian Defense   IPT News   June 27, 2008
State Dept. Stands Alone on Virginia Saudi School   IPT News   June 26, 2008
A Pact With the Devil   IPT News   June 26, 2008
Al-Arian Indicted for Contempt   IPT News   June 26, 2008
Kristof: Never Mind the Terrorists   IPT News   June 24, 2008
ISNA, NAIT Seek to Edit History   IPT News   June 19, 2008
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U.N. Rapporteur Turns to Usual Suspects on "Islamophobia"   IPT News   June 13, 2008
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Part 6: CAIR Portrays "War on Terrorism" as Malicious "War on Islam"   IPT News   March 31, 2008
Part 5: Quick To Defend Alleged Terrorists, CAIR Even Questioned Al Qaeda 9/11 Role   IPT News   March 28, 2008
Part 4: CAIR Remains Apologist for Terrorist Hamas, Seeks To Silence Critics   IPT News   March 27, 2008
Exclusive Photos Show Al-Hanooti's Political Clout   IPT News   March 27, 2008
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Omeish Says He's the Victim of a Smear   IPT News   September 28, 2007
Affidavit Shines More Light on USF Case   IPT News   September 27, 2007
IPT Footage Takes Down Omeish   IPT News   September 27, 2007
Cleveland Rock: "There is a Jew Hiding Behind Me"   IPT News   September 26, 2007
Suspect Accused in Oregon Jihad Training Plot Extradited from Czech Republic   IPT News   September 26, 2007
CAIR's Friends in the Media   IPT News   September 25, 2007
Muslim Scouts Political Program Raises Eyebrows   IPT News   September 23, 2007
Hizballah Sympathizer Arrested on Gun Charge   IPT News   September 20, 2007
Hearing on Saudi Arabia Weapons Sale Cites Kingdom's Terror Ties   IPT News   September 19, 2007
BREAKING NEWS: Jury Deliberations to Begin in HLF Trial   IPT News   September 19, 2007
Jury Set to Deliberate HLF Case   IPT News   September 19, 2007
Worst Approach to Counter-terrorism Yet   IPT News   September 18, 2007
Introducing the Muslim American Society   IPT News   September 18, 2007
First Amendment, Alternate Theories Highlight HLF Defense Arguments   IPT News   September 18, 2007
"Deception" Dominates HLF Closing Arguments   IPT News   September 17, 2007
USF Suspect Produced Video on Remote Controlled Explosives   IPT News   September 14, 2007
Remembering 9/11   IPT News   September 11, 2007
Former Dallas Congressman Testifies at HLF Trial   IPT News   September 7, 2007
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