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Federal Insurance Co., et al. v. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
New York, NY

Al Qaeda

[SDNY] In a case related to the main lawsuit by families of 9/11 victims, a consortium of insurance companies filed a lawsuit to seek damages of over $300 billion for losses incurred in the 9/11 attacks (Federal Insurance Co. v Al Qaeda). In March 2012, a federal judge entered a $9.4 billion judgment against one of the defendants, the Lebanese terrorist group Hizballah, after the group defaulted in the lawsuit over the 9/11 attacks. In opposition to the plaintiff 9/11 families' attempt to appeal a portion of the case to the US Supreme Court, the Justice Department filed a brief arguing that the defendant Kingdom of Saudi Arabia could not be sued in an American court. The families of 9/11 victims argue that the royal family had helped finance al Qaeda.