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Qatar's chrony

Submitted by OldmanRick, Aug 23, 2013 23:20

Qatar did its thingy with the approval of the brat in the witless house and his trolls.


The Benghazi Conection

Submitted by DiMu, Aug 16, 2013 11:32

It doesn't take much imagination to guess what is behind the huge Bengahzi cover-up. We know it was about transferring SAMs to Syrian rebels and that they have been 'stolen'. We know that Morsi had his finger-prints on the raid and we know that Qatar backs the Muslim Brotherhood.

Was it in-fighting, was it some not wanting the arms to go via Turkey or to go to the 'wrong' group of rebels?

The question is to what extent Qatar money is implicated in the Administration's policy-making. We've certainly never known Hillary to knock back a monetary offer and we know that Obama is in ideological sympathy with the Muslim Brotherhood, as he has made perfectly clear by appointing their minions to positions of influence plus the Attorney General is CAIR's cur!

And where does all the money come from to build the hundreds of mosques here?


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