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Dar al-Hijrah Board Member Pens Muslim Brotherhood Tribute
Dec 2, 2016

Keith Ellison's Disinformation Campaign
Dec 2, 2016

Women Form A Growing Threat To West In New ISIS Strategy
Dec 1, 2016

IPT Story Prompts ADL to Retract Ellison DNC Endorsement
Dec 1, 2016

Arrest Breaks Up PIJ Recruitment Scheme
Nov 30, 2016

Brooklyn Imam Linked to Qaradawi Group Calls for Sisi's Head
Nov 30, 2016

IPT Exclusive: In Private Fundraiser, Ellison Blasted Israeli Influence Over U.S. Policy
Nov 29, 2016

Breaking News: Pivotal Odeh Hearing Canceled
Nov 28, 2016

One Year After Paris, What The West Still Needs To Learn About Islamic Terror
Nov 25, 2016

Child Jihadist Calls on Malala to Renounce Western Education
Nov 23, 2016

Paris Jihadist Manages to Grow More Radical in Prison
Nov 22, 2016

Sporadic Attacks Reveal Fragility of Israel-PA Security Cooperation
Nov 22, 2016

Ottawa Muslim Outreach Includes Islamists Only
Nov 21, 2016

Prosecution: Odeh's PTSD Defense a Product of Untested Theory, Her Own Unreliable Claims
Nov 15, 2016

Hamas Funding Sources Drying Up
Nov 14, 2016

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