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Rasmieh Odeh Adds Israel-Hating Lawyer, Fights Psych Evaluation
Jul 29, 2016

Islam, Sexual Violence, and the West
Jul 28, 2016

Who's Teaching the Class?
Jul 27, 2016

How Trains Are A Prime Target for Terrorists
Jul 26, 2016

Canadian Arabic Newspaper Republishes Holocaust Denying Article
Jul 22, 2016

Obama Eid Celebration Again Empowers Islamists Over Reformers
Jul 21, 2016

Why is Virginia a Haven for Would-be Jihadists?
Jul 18, 2016

PA Honors Another Terrorist Amid U.S. Foreign Aid Re-Evaluation
Jul 18, 2016

An Award-Winning Documentary About Islamic Terrorists Becomes Hate Speech
Jul 15, 2016

CAIR Chief's Reflexive Terror Denial Stands Apart
Jul 15, 2016

A final footnote on Gadhafi
Jul 12, 2016

The Case for Kurdish Statehood
Jul 11, 2016

Israel Tries Area-Based Response to Palestinian Terror Wave
Jul 8, 2016

Ex-ISNA President Drops Lawsuit Against Canadian Terrorism Expert David Harris
Jul 8, 2016

Pro-ISIS Hackers Post Purported Dallas Police Information
Jul 8, 2016

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