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Erdogan vs. the New York Times, and Democracy
May 28, 2015

CAIR's Ayloush Considers Hizballah "Terrorists" in Syria, But Not Israel
May 26, 2015

Ex-CAIR Official Again Attacks the U.S. on Iranian TV
May 21, 2015

Hamas-Loving Canadian Islamist Baffled by Suspension
May 20, 2015

Critics of Islam Continue to Face Threats
May 19, 2015

Hamas Using Truce to Prepare for Next Clash with Israel
May 18, 2015

Beheaded Christian Doesn't Regret Faith
May 15, 2015

Un chrétien décapité n'a pas de regret à propos de sa foi
May 15, 2015

Islamists Hack Another Secular Writer to Death in Bangladesh
May 12, 2015

Study Exposes the Ugly Depth of European Muslim Anti-Semitism
May 12, 2015

Une étude montre la sinistre ampleur de l'antisémitisme musulman en Europe
May 12, 2015

Report: Hamas Recruiting Students in Malaysia, Training Terrorists in Turkey
May 11, 2015

George Galloway and the "Vile Zionist Hyenas"
May 8, 2015

Hamas Accused of Bulldozing Salafist Mosque Amid Rising Tensions
May 5, 2015

The Shooting in Garland, Texas
May 4, 2015

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