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Mali: Radisson Blu Hotel Attack Meant to Thwart Peace Accord
Nov 30, 2015

CAIR's Identity Problem
Nov 24, 2015

Abbas Repeats Debunked Incitement Amid Ongoing Palestinian Murders
Nov 24, 2015

Iran's Elite Forces Enduring Rising Casualties in Syrian Offensive
Nov 23, 2015

Belgian Breeding Ground Fuels New Terror Wave
Nov 23, 2015

Palestinian Terrorists Kill 5, Including American Teen, in Separate Attacks
Nov 19, 2015

Wolf Encouraged by Reported Administration Plans to Label ISIS Atrocities 'Genocide'
Nov 19, 2015

Guest Column: Calling It What It Is – Islamic Terrorism
Nov 17, 2015

The Façade in CAIR's Paris Attacks Condemnation
Nov 16, 2015

Swedish FM and Fatah See Israeli Roots in Paris Attacks
Nov 16, 2015

Terrorist Kills Two Israelis as Palestinian Incitement Continues to Spread
Nov 13, 2015

Why Turkey's Erdogan Won A Surprise Election Victory
Nov 12, 2015

New Islamic State Document Shows U.S. Still In the Crosshairs
Nov 9, 2015

New Report Details Iranian Commander's Involvement in Terrorist Activity and Regional Expansion
Nov 4, 2015

Israel's unheralded Syrian humanitarian project
Nov 2, 2015

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