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Hamas-Supporting CAIR Leader to Lecture Harvard Student Group
Oct 19, 2017

Edmonton Terrorist's Movements Highlight Threat to U.S. Southern Border
Oct 18, 2017

German Intelligence: Hizballah Fighters Posing As Refugees
Oct 16, 2017

Returning ISIS Jihadists Pose Long, Uncharted Challenge
Oct 16, 2017

MIT MSA Alumni Protest Anti-Feminist Islamist Speaker
Oct 16, 2017

CAIR Conducted Sensitivity Training for Philadelphia Teachers
Oct 11, 2017

Is Austria's Burqa Ban an Example for America?
Oct 10, 2017

Hizballah's Nasrallah Escalates Threats as Syria Turns Into Iranian Base
Oct 8, 2017

U.S.-Based MB Supporter Laments Anniversary of Terror Leader's Death
Oct 4, 2017

New Study: Most UK Jihadists Tied to Non-Violent Islamism
Oct 2, 2017

CAIR Chief Among American Islamists Eulogizing Brotherhood Leader
Sep 27, 2017

Bin Laden Heir Breathes New Destructive Energy Into Al Qaeda
Sep 25, 2017

Tunisian Religious Reforms Challenge Egypt's Al Azhar
Sep 19, 2017

European Attacks Show the Difficulty in Tracking Soaring Terror Suspect Numbers
Sep 18, 2017

IDF's Gaza Wall May Change Hamas Terror Strategies
Sep 15, 2017

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