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Hamas Wants Quiet As It Prepares For Next Assault on Israel
Apr 27, 2017

Congressional Caucus Seeks New Approach to Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Apr 27, 2017

Rasmieh Odeh's Guilty Plea Accepted
Apr 25, 2017

Germany: Iran Plotting Terror on Jewish and Israeli Targets
Apr 24, 2017

Karim Cheurfi: From the Cauldron of Prison to the Streets of Paris
Apr 24, 2017

Europe's Rising Islam-Based Political Parties
Apr 21, 2017

New Filings Show Odeh Case Remains Contentious Despite Pending Plea
Apr 21, 2017

Islamist Attacks on Holidays
Apr 20, 2017

Rotterdam Allows Pro-Hamas Conference, Blocks Anti-Hamas Protest
Apr 18, 2017

How Erdogan's Victory Might Be Europe's Defeat
Apr 17, 2017

FBI Sting Nets Two Chicago Area ISIS Supporters
Apr 13, 2017

Palm Sunday Bombing Underscores Depth of Egypt's Anti-Christian Bigotry
Apr 12, 2017

WhatsApp Message Links German Bus Bombing to ISIS
Apr 12, 2017

Radical Iran-led Axis Confronted with U.S. Deterrence for First Time
Apr 11, 2017

Should the Muslim Brotherhood Debate Include Another Rogue Islamist Party?
Apr 7, 2017

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